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Zyppah reviews (Anti-Snoring Device; Is It A Scam or Does it Work?)

Zyppah Reviews

Our Zyppah Reviews page takes a closer look at this anti-snoring device to see if it works for anyone looking to stop this frustrating and noisy habit. It has been hailed as a breakthrough product and there is a lot of hype surrounding it, but is Zyppah genuine, is it helpful, is it a scam and how does it work?

Those are the things we need to cover, so let’s get to it.

What is Zyppah?

This is a mouthpiece that was designed to help you stop snoring. It’s as simple as that. It uses something known as a Snoring Eliminator which is said to work by addressing the root cause of the snoring, which is the tongue.

We didn’t hold out too much hope when we read all of this as we’ve heard similar statements before and most of those products failed. We also didn’t pay much attention to the Zyppah reviews on the official page, as they can so easily be faked. We’re not saying they are, but at best they are cherry-picked testimonials.

Zyppah Reviews: The Positives

There are many positives with regards to Zyppah reviews and we can echo many of these with our own experiences. Firstly, it genuinely seems to work. It does this by holding your jaw forward and keeping the tongue still.

The description of how it works doesn’t sound the most comfortable, we know, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. Also, the ordering process involves a custom fit so you can get something that is perfectly tailored to match your bite. There are also no breathing issues as there are airways to allow you to breathe comfortably.

The fact that it is FDA approved is a reassurance, as is the BBB-accreditation. But it goes further than that as they have really done their homework here. The Zyppah was actually created by a dentist and it is affiliated with several sleeping and snoring specialist clinics operating throughout the state of California.

It’s not something that has just been cobbled together and then sold on a promise. It is something that they have taken time and care to create and something that is backed by all of the right organizations. To top it off, they don’t use any BPA and have even made sure that the little piece of rubber that sits on your tongue is soft and comfortable.

Zyppah Reviews: The Negatives

Zyppah Review

The biggest negative that we have seen with Zyppah reviews is the price. When you include shipping, you’re paying nearly $100 for it. That’s a huge price tag no matter how you look at it. Even if it is effective and even if it helps with a long-term issue, there are some customers who just won’t be able to afford that price tag.

Other negative Zyppah reviews have concerned the fact that it is uncomfortable (addressed below). Very few of them seem to complain about the device not working, which is a surprise for a device of this nature, but there are certainly those kind of complaints out there. Zyppah doesn’t work for everyone. Whether that has something to do with incorrect usage or a psychological issue we can’t say, but it does look like not everyone is happy with this product.

A common complaint is jaw pain, which is something that is likely to be at its worst after the first few days of use and will probably fade over time. It can also be difficult to clean and sterilize, the process of fitting is quit long (although we see this as a positive, because it shows they are being thorough) and many users also report drooling extensively.

One of the biggest issues in negative Zyppah reviews concerns their customer support. We haven’t had many dealings with them ourselves, but we have received a lot of comments from customers who have had bad experiences. When you consider that you need to use customer service if you want them to honor the money-back guarantee, and the simple fact that you’re paying them a lot of money, this is a concern.

What we Think about Zyppah Reviews

Zyppah Scam

In our experience, anti-snoring devices don’t work for everyone. They can also be uncomfortable and we’re sure that users will have that issue with Zyppah. This is one of those things that you will get used to though.

As anyone who has had to wear a mouthguard to sleep in (to stop teeth grinding) or braces throughout the day will tell you, it doesn’t take long before it feels natural. It seems to be the same thing with Zyppah. If you look at many negative Zyppah reviews they focus on this, but if they were to stick it out for a few days, we’re sure they would be okay.

It doesn’t work for everyone and it not working is a good reason to leave a negative review and to get your money back. The same applies if it suddenly breaks, although because of the solid construct, that’s very rare. However, being uncomfortable is not a justifiable negative. So, as a potential customer, we advise that you don’t focus too much on that.

The same goes for price. It is a little expensive when you consider it is just a piece of plastic and silicone. But if you focus more on the potential benefits and less on the actual device, it starts to look like a steal.

The product is not flawless, it won’t work for everyone. But it does seem to work better than most products out there and in an industry that is packed with useless products, it’s nice to find something even partially effective.

As far as were concerned, the only real negative is the customer support. This is an issue that needs to be addressed because bad service will put potential customers off more than a poor product ever could. Still, even though these complaints have come in, none of them seem to address the 30 day money-back guarantee and as far as we can tell, they always honor this.