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Zoosk Reviews: Honest Review of Popular Dating Site for Singles

zoosk reviews

We wanted to give you a rundown of Zoosk reviews, and to let you know what others thought, and what we thought as well. So if you’re looking for a new way to find your soul mate, read on to learn more about the Zoosk dating app.

Yes, yes. Another dating site. But we at You Reviews want to make sure that you, our dear reader, aren’t tricked into the likes of Ashley Madison or Tawkify.

Zoosk Dating Service

Zoosk is a dating service much like any other. You’ll hop online, upload a profile picture, fill out an obscene number of questions, and start your search.

But there’s something a bit different about the service, too. Zoosk is kind of like a cross between Plenty of Fish, Tinder and Pandora. Yes, Pandora.

Once you sign up for the site, you’ll begin scrolling through pictures and profiles of other date-seekers. You can simply click yes or no on a profile, of you can choose to send a message (at a price).

As you spend more time on the app, Zoosk will pay attention to your activity. As you click “no” on a particular type of profile, Zoosk will remember that. Likewise with the “yes” selection.

As time goes on, Zoosk is meant to gradually narrow down your choices based on your preferences. In that way, it’s like Pandora. Like a “dating genome project.” There’s an algorithm which, based on what you’ve “liked” in the past, will give you more suitable options in the future.

Pretty neat, huh?

So what are Zoosk reviews saying? Is the app worth the time? Are they a scam? Here’s what others have said.

Zoosk Basics

Zoosk has over 35 million users. Now, that’s not to say that they’re all active. Some may have given up the search for a soulmate. Others may have moved on to other apps. And still others may have met their match and are now married with six children in Paducah.

But that’s a lot of people to choose from. Many, many potential first dates. There are 3.8 million visits per month, and your search will be based on the locality of your matches. That said, you’ll be unlikely to match up with that dude from Guadalajara when you, yourself, live in Toronto.

But this, as all good things, comes at a price. Users can sign up for a free account. Using that account, they can create a full profile, and can browse through other profiles. Your free account will also allow you to send “smiles” to other users.

What it won’t allow you to do is talk with them. To do that, you’ll need to plunk down $75 for 6 months, or $30 if you just want to try it for one.

People who have used Zoosk say that the site is “good enough.” Zoosk reviews have had nothing bad to say about the interface of the site. The user experience is actually quite fun, and it’s easy to navigate. So will you find the love of your life on Zoosk?

Zoosk Reviews

zoosk review

Negative Zoosk reviews are pretty typical to any dating site. Some complain that they didn’t find the perfect match. Of course, we have no way to know if that’s because the perfect match just wasn’t on the site, or if the person advertised themselves as someone who hates babies.

Other Zoosk reviews complained about the cost of the site. And, admittedly, there are cheaper alternatives out there. Tinder is free, for the most part. So is Plenty of Fish. We bought a month of the service in order to give you an honest review. We probably wouldn’t do that in real life.

Zoosk reviews had good things to say, though, as well. Those who did try to cancel did so easily. There’s no need to call customer service, as with some sites. Instead, you can just cancel your Zoosk membership through the website.

Other Zoosk reviews had great things to say about the little “gifts” you can give on the platform. Similar to those little gifts you can give on Facebook, Zoosk offers virtual teddy bears, chocolates, hearts and more. Of course, those cost you Zoosk coins.

Zoosk coins are tokens you purchase through the website. They’re available to both paid and free members, and you’ll use them for a few things. You can send gifts. You can also boost your profile which highlights your profile in others’ carousels.

The price of Zoosk coins is in addition to the cost of your membership. (Of course it is!) And while many Zoosk reviews said they were fun to use, none said that the coins were actually necessary.

Should You Sign Up for Zoosk?

Well. You can if you want to. It’s free to set up a profile, and the initial setup phase is actually quite quick. You can log in with Facebook or create a new account, and at the most basic level you’ll just answer a few questions.

If you want more tailored matches, fill out a complete profile, so others can read more about what you’re into. Make sure you’ve got a great profile picture, because it’s easy for someone to click “no” on you without even looking at your other information.

But there are free options out there. Zoosk is by no means the cheapest option. For example, Match.com costs around $27 per month if you subscribe for three months. By contrast, eHarmony costs as much as $60 per month.

If you’re looking for something to try for a month or so, feel free to check out Zoosk. There weren’t too many complaints, other than those who didn’t find a date and those who felt “tricked” into paying for the service.

Overall, Zoosk is just about like any other online dating platform. It’s easy to use, and can be fun, but it’s going to cost you more to find your first date than you’d actually spend on your first date.