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Zipadee Zip Reviews: Health Product Reviewed Honestly

Zipadee Zip Reviews

We review a lot of health products here on You Reviews. But some of the items we review might qualify more as mental health products. For example, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are good for your mental health. They cause your baby to stop all that fussing associated with teething. Zipadee Zip reviews are also mental health related, for the same reason.

So does the Zipadee Zip work? Does it really help your baby transition from swaddling? Let’s look at Zipadee Zip reviews, both personal and from around the web.

Shark Tank’s Zipadee Zip

I get chosen to review a lot of baby products because I’ve had so many babies. I have three kids, and over the past 11 years have tried more than my fair share of kids products. The Zipadee Zip wasn’t around when my sons were babies, but I did use similar products with them.

My daughter will be three in just a few months, and she’s the inspiration for my personal Zipadee Zip reviews. I saw the swaddler on Shark Tank and, having used similar products, thought I’d give this one a try.

If you’re an expecting or new parent, you may not be familiar with swaddling. The theory behind the practice is that young babies are accustomed to living in a tight space: inside mama. They’re surrounded by dark, by quiet, and those cramped quarters are all they’ve ever known. So when they’re born, the theory is that’s traumatic for them.

Swaddling is a practice that’s been around for a very, very long time. It’s thought to date back to the Paleolithic period, and was mentioned in the bible as a common practice. There are two problems with swaddling, though, and you’ll need to know them prior to purchasing any swaddling aid.

Before You Use Any Swaddling Product

Zipadee Zip Review

The first is that if you choose to use a normal blanket to swaddle your baby, it can be considered a SIDS risk. Of course, we don’t know what causes SIDS, but studies have shown that loose items in cribs can pose a hazard. Your baby, by nature, wiggles. He will probably come free from his blanket, and that blanket is then a hazard.

The second is that swaddling should not be practiced with any baby who can roll over on his own. Once he rolls over, transition him away from a swaddler immediately. He’ll need his arms free to turn himself back over. Keeping his arms and legs bound is, again, a SIDS hazard. It’s best just not to risk it.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your pediatrician or midwife. They can point you in the direction of a product which will work best for you and your baby.

Zipadee Zip Reviews: The Good Stuff

Alright, so you’ve been warned about SIDS, and know that there are limitations to swaddling. On to our Zipadee Zip reviews, and how well the product works.

First of all, the Zipadee Zip is a transitional product. It was designed to be used for babies who are at that rolling over phase, when stomach sleeping becomes safer for your little ones. So what is it? Well, it’s kind of like a bag that you put your baby in. Your little baby will look like a starfish in the Zipadee Zip, but she won’t be able to scratch herself, and she’ll stay warm.

Zipadee Zip reviews have a few positive notes about the product. First of all, the colors and patterns are cute. There are products on the market that are just plain ugly, and your baby should be embarrassed to be seen in them. The Zipadee Zip comes in strawberries, owls and five-point bucks. (Hmmm…) Anyway, you pretty much have your pick of patterns. I put my little girl in cupcakes and dinosaurs.

Secondly, the Zipadee Zip reviews all lauded the fact that they can be used in a carseat. Some sleep sacks are too baggy, and aren’t safe for travel. But on windy days or when you expect your little one to sleep in the car, this product will work.

Finally, there are fabric options. You can use it year-round, regardless of where you live. Humid Florida climate? Try the lightweight one. Massachusetts in winter? There’s a Zipadee Zip for that. The suits are still thin enough that you can safely use them in the carseat, too.

Zipadee Zip Reviews: The Bad Stuff

Zipadee Zip Worth It

So what do the not-so-good Zipadee Zip reviews have to say? A few things. First of all, this is one expensive pair of pajamas. They retail for about forty bucks a pop; there are much less expensive products on the market.

Secondly, the zipper on the product is very stiff. You’ll have to be sure you check the fit before you let your baby spend the night in it, as the zipper can actually pull the fabric up over his face. That’s not good.

Finally, you can buy Zipadee Zips literally nowhere. You have to purchase them from the company website, unless you somehow score a second-hand product on Amazon or eBay. A lot of Zipadee Zip reviews stated that consumers were disappointed about a lack of buying options. Many called it an “expensive pair of pajamas.”

Zipadee Zip: Worth the Cost?

In a word, meh. Don’t get me wrong, the little sleep sack has a lot going for it! It’s cute, there are a lot of options and you’ll love seeing your baby dressed like a flying squirrel. But for forty dollars, I and the other reviewers think there are other, just as viable, options.

Zipadee Zip was a startup company by a family of entrepreneurs. That makes the product appealing to a lot of consumers. If you have the desire to support a family, we say go for it! But if you’d rather pay half the price of the Zipadee Zip and get a comparable product from a retailer of your choice, it’s just as easy to find a sleep sack on Amazon.