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Xtreme Testrone Review (Scam or Not? Dosage, Side Effects and More)

Xtreme Testrone Review

The supplement industry is huge right now and Xtreme Testrone is another in a long line of muscle-builder pills to hit the market. In this Xtreme Testrone review we will ask if it is effective, looking at price and asking whether or not it actually does what it promises to do.

What is Xtreme Testrone?

Xtreme Testrone is a testosterone booster that is marketed as a “male potency tonic”. That’s actually key, because while it is being used for its muscle building power, when you focus on the ingredients it was clearly designed to increase libido.

Xtreme Testrone is made by MaritzMayer, a fairly small supplement manufacturer that doesn’t have a lot of info out there on the web and has caused a few concerns because of that. Still, if the product works then that’s all that matters, right? After all, who among you can honestly say you have ever visited a manufacturer’s website, tried to contact them or otherwise felt a need to know who they were?

So, let’s get to the product itself as we focus on our very own Xtreme Testrone review.

Our Xtreme Testrone Review

We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the ingredient profile of Xtreme Testrone. There is a tendency to load these products with zinc and magnesium, which produces nausea, makes you tired and does little else. However, there are some potentially useful and effective ingredients here.

The list includes horny goat weed and yam root, which have been said to improve male libido. There is also saw palmetto, which helps to protect the prostate and is used by bodybuilders to support their bodies following steroid use. There are also some other cleansing minerals and extracts, including sarsaparilla and nettle root.

All in all though, we doubted from the fist moment whether this would be an effective testosterone booster. In a world where every man has access to Viagra, we also doubted whether it was even worthwhile as a libido booster, especially when many of those ingredients just haven’t been able to standup in clinical studies.

Still, we were determined to actually test it and we did just that.

Xtreme Testrone Review: Effectiveness

We used Xtreme Testronefor a little over a month and we didn’t notice any major effects, positive or negative. There were not any major improvements in the gym or in the bedroom. However, there was a slight cleansing effect overall. Urination seemed to be a little more frequent and we also appreciated the use of saw palmetto, which we are a big advocate of.

The problem with many of the ingredient in Xtreme Testrone is that they have been shown to be effective, but not in a way that would aid with weight lifting or libido, and not in a way that was immediately obvious to the user either. That doesn’t bode well for them and it makes it harder for this Xtreme Testrone review, but we can only report on what we felt and what we saw, and that was: very little.

Xtreme Testrone Review: Price

Xtreme Testrone Reviews

This is a positive, because Xtreme Testrone is not very expensive. It seems that even the most basic ingredients are bing bundled together, given a fancy design and then sold for a high price these days. There was an obvious mark-up with Xtreme Testrone as well, but it’s still available for less than $20 a bottle and that’s a plus.

You may need to pay a little more for shipping and Xtreme Testrone seems to be one of those products that isn’t freely available in popular supplement stores, both online and offline. As a result, you have to focus on a few limited retailers and that’s something that many customers are averse to doing.

Many of these sites are legit, but they have gained a reputation for being scams following many diet pill scams and the Acai berry “as seen on TV” scams, so they are naturally repelled by them.

That’s a mistake that the makers of Xtreme Testrone made, but there are other, bigger mistakes that they have made, as mentioned below.

Xtreme Testrone Review: Overall 2/5

Overall, our Xtreme Testrone review is not positive one because we didn’t notice any obvious increases. For us, it’s just a case of bad marketing. They have targeted a market that expects results and they have done so in a way that will see them lined up against rivals using big, bold and proven ingredients.

What they should have done was market Xtreme Testrone as a support drug for all males. As soon as they put the ripped guy on the label and market it as a “potency tonic” they are making promises that their product just can’t live up to.

As we said in our Xtreme Testrone review above, we think there are some beneficial ingredients here and it’s not a useless product. But they needed to sell it as a well being drug for all men; they needed to create a simple label that didn’t so obviously mimic body building supplements and sports supplements; and they needed to lower the price a little .

What do Other Xtreme Testrone Revews Say?

Xtreme Testrone Scam

We’re not the only ones we didn’t see any results with Xtreme Testrone, but we were one of the kindest. There are many negative Xtreme Testrone reviews out there. Some have called it a scam, others have simply called it a waste of money. There are some middling and even positive reviews out there, and you shouldn’t be so quick to see these as scams.

There is a genuine chance that these products could boost someones performance, although most of that would be down to the placebo effect or because they were previously deficient in something that the average person has in abundance.

If you want a product that can improve your performance in the gym, something that can help to build muscle or to improve your performance in bed, then this is not it. If you want a simple cleaning supplement that contains a good amount of saw palmetto, nettle root and other supportive male drugs, then it could be worthwhile.