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XLS Medical Reviews (Does It Work; Scam Watch; Dangers and More)

XLS Medical Reviews

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a weight loss product that actually worked and had few side effects? That was the premise behind XLS Medical. There are oodles of weight loss supplements which have ingredients that carry adverse side effects. Synedrex is one we’ve discussed. Phen Rx is another.

XLS Medical is a weight loss product that’s marketed toward women. It’s available in big box retailers, as well as in online shops like Amazon. It’s said to not contain stimulants, and to provide a solution for safe weight loss. But does XLS Medical work? Let’s look at the XLS Medical reviews, and what customers have had to say.

XLS Medical Weight Loss

The first thing you need to know about XLS Medical is its active ingredient. The primary supplement at work in XLS Medical is litramine, which is known as a fat binder. The substance comes from the leaves of the prickly pear cactus, and has supposedly been used in Mexico for weight loss.

Litramine is supposed to bind with fat in the stomach, preventing it from being processed and absorbed into the digestive tract and bloodstream. It’s essentially insoluble fiber, which brushes these fats through your body.

In addition to litramine, XLS Medical contains vitamins A, E and D. These are found in many foods, but here’s what’s interesting about these vitamins: they’re better absorbed by the body when they’re accompanied by fat. For example, a vitamin A rich carrot will be more beneficial to your body when dipped in olive oil dressing.

The ingredients of XLS Medical aren’t much to speak of. The litramine is said to be the active ingredient. So does litramine do what it’s supposed to do? Will you lose weight on XLS Medical? Here’s what XLS Medical reviews had to say.

XLS Medical Reviews

We’ve tried a few weight loss products which seemed to have been effective. Estroven was one of our favorites – it curbed cravings and we actually saw a difference. Of course, you can’t go wrong with some good old fashioned exercise equipment, either. But after our run in with Phen Rx, we weren’t thrilled to try another weight loss supplement.

We weren’t entirely wrong. First of all, and maybe the most importantly, you’ve got to take six pills each day in order to get any results. Did you hear me? Six pills. That’s insane. You’ll take two in the morning, two in the afternoon and two before bed. Take them right after meals to block the fats in the foods you eat.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We actually did notice a bit of a difference in two things while taking the pills. First, we felt more full. The fiber in the product probably made our bellies feel fuller, and we were less inclined to snack.

The second is that there was actual weight loss. It wasn’t much, but there was some. After a weeks’ use, we each saw a few pounds taken off the scales. At that point, the women in our group plateaued, while the men went on to lose an additional few pounds in the weeks that followed.

Again, it wasn’t much. But if we’re being truthful, it did work, even if it was just a little bit. If nothing else, we ate healthier for the few weeks that we took the pill.

XLS Medical Reviews: What the Internet Said

XLS Medical Review

Of course, we don’t just want to give you our XLS Medical reviews. You want to know what others have said about the supplements as well.

Well, as always, the XLS Medical reviews were varied. Some said that they lost a few pounds, like most of our group did. Others, though, saw that the opposite was true. One XLS Medical user said that he gained 5 pounds in the first week. Another said she lost nothing at all.

The strange part of the XLS Medical reviews is that it doesn’t seem to matter the physical activity or diet of the person using it. The results were still just as varied. A diet of cheeseburgers could produce weight loss, while a healthy lifestyle could see gain. There was no rhyme or reason.

A majority of the people who wrote XLS Medical reviews were disappointed in the product. Many, like we did, claimed that they felt full while on the pills. Others said, “it was like taking nothing. Expensive nothing.”

The price point itself isn’t too contentious. A 30-tablet supply can be bought for around $20. Considering you take six each day, that amounts to around $60 per month. However, there are alternatives which are cheaper. For example, a gym membership.

All things considered, there was no overwhelming majority which said that XLS Medical was a good solution for their weight loss needs. They did, however, have other things to say.

XLS Medical Side Effects

The ugliest aspect of the XLS Medical reviews was the list of side effects that users suffered. Here’s the shortened list:

• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Bloating
• Gas and flatulence
• Headaches
• Severe nausea

We experienced a few of these ourselves. Admittedly, we thought it was a bug going around the office, but in hindsight the onset symptoms did correspond with the time we began taking XLS Medical.

XLS Medical Reviews: Is it Worth It?

What do the XLS reviews say? Is the product worth it? As the reviews would have it, not really. The product’s results varied greatly, depending on who would use it. And there was no determining factor as to what would cause the supplement to be effective.

Usually, a healthy diet and a daily dose of exercise will help to boost the efficacy of a weight loss supplement. But that wasn’t the case for the XLS Medical supplement.

Our advice to you is to try one of the other products we’ve reviewed here on You Reviews. Check out our review of green tea as well as Estroven. Livlean is a product you might be interested in as well. Because there were so many dissatisfied XLS customer reviews, we can’t recommend it as a good product for weight loss.