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Write for Us (Writing Opportunity; Health, Supplement Review Site)

Write For Us Opportunity

Looking for a new writing gig? Want to try your hand at writing reviews? Then come onboard and write for us, we’d love to see what you can do. You-Reviews is a top review website, covering health, fitness and lifestyle products. We’re always looking for new writers and bloggers, whether in the former of content writers and copy writers or guest posts.

However, before you jump into it and use our Write for Us form below, please take a look at the guidelines to learn what we are looking for and what we are not looking for. We get a lot of spam, including content that has nothing to do with what we cover here on You-Reviews.

So, to keep our editors sane and to make sure there time is not wasted, we have placed a set of guidelines on this page. You should also check our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy page. Any submission that does not follow these guidelines will probably be ignored. We don’t want to waste your time and we appreciate you taking the effort to submit it, but if you want our editor to take the time to read it and to see if it’s a good fit, please do this one thing for them.

If nothing else, it will drastically increase your chances of being accepted, because we have yet to sign-on any writers (or even respond to any) that have not paid attention to the write for us guidelines below.

You-Reviews Write for Us Guidelines: What we Want

On You-Reviews we mainly publish reviews and scam articles, showing the best and the worst of supplements, health products, lifestyle products, dating sites and more. If you can write this sort of content then you might be a good fit.

Everything we publish is at least 1,000 words and sometimes much more. It is original, and all work written for You-Reviews will remain the copyright of You-Reviews indefinitely. If you are asked to write for us then you may include a bio at the end of the article with a link to a website of your choice. The article should also contain at least 1 high-authority link and no more than 3.

We reserve the right to add and remove links (we will always look to add internal links) and to make any tweaks and edits that we deem necessary.

All content sent to You-Reviews should follow a set of guidelines that will be discussed between writer and editor prior to submission. If these are not met, then it may be rejected, even if an agreement has been reached by that point. All content needs to be well written and should be relatively mistake free.

All articles sent to You-Reviews by writers who have been accepted into our program will first need to be submitted to the editor. Only they can okay it and only they can compete the publishing process. The more experienced and trusted writers may be asked to become official contributors for the website, in which case they will be given access to their own account on the site and will be asked to post directly.

You-Reviews Write for Us Guidelines: What to Include in Your Submission

Please pay attention to the following when using the write for us form below. You will notice that there is no room for an attachment, no HTML submission process and none of the other things you might expect. We have kept it simple, and that’s because at this initial stage we only require the following information from you to judge if you are a good fit to write for us:

  • Bio: Tell us who you are, why you write, which sites you have written for and what your goals are as a writer.
  • Samples: Show us some samples of your work. This is the part that is left out the most, yet it’s the thing that we place the most value on. If there are no sales then we have no way of judging what you are capable of. A few paragraphs in different styles and from different articles will suffice.
  • Title Ideas: Send us between 2 and 5 sample titles of articles that you would like to write for us. Bear in mind that we’re not interested in reviews of companies you run. We are happy to cover scams, pyramid schemes, warnings and major products/services. If you know the site, you’ll know what we publish and this is a good place to start.
  • Reason: Using the dropdown menu, let us know your reason for applying for this position. Be honest, because our editors are not stupid and will know when you’re trying to sneak something past them.

Other Things to Bear in Mind

Do not send us a full article. We only publish original material and this is what we will ask of in the future. But you do not need to send it at this point in time and you may hurt your chances if you do.

We may not be able to pay you for your submission. We may be able to offer you some benefits, but at no point will they include remuneration. This applies to all writers of all skill levels, so please don’t remind us that “[I’m] very good” and then demand money. Your submission will simply be ignored.

We will try to read all submissions within 2 weeks. However, we can not respond to the ones whose submissions we reject. We tried doing this for sometime but it left our editors in a very awkward position. Many writers took it personally, others got very angry, others began spamming us to ask for more information, and others just seemed very hurt.

It’s not personal, it’s really not, but to avoid these things happening in the future we will only respond to those that we want to work with. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, you can assume that our editors do not want to go any further.

2 weeks is a long time, we know, but that’s what our editors need to stay on track and that’s one of the reasons why we don’t ask you to send us full articles.