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Detox Tea and Weight Loss Teas Exposed: Reviews, Benefits and Scams

Weight Loss Teas

Slimming teas, which are also known as weight loss and detox teas, are all the rage right now. But they may not be all that they appear and they could actually be dangerous. In this guide to slim teas we’ll show you why you need to be very careful when buying and consuming these teas.

Are Slim Teas Bad for You?

For the most part, yes. The general consensus is that slimming teas will somehow speed up your metabolism, burn fat and help you to lose weight that way. In truth, the weight you lose is mostly water and excrement, and the speed and regularity at which this is forced out of your body is the reason why they could be causing harm.

Slimming teas have effectively created an industry off the back of a few basic laxatives, mixed in with some flavoring. There are times when these teas actually benefit and some of them can help with a detox. But detoxing and weight loss are completely different thing. The former is something you do for the short term, preferably while you are consuming a diet rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals the latter is more of a long-term thing.

You wouldn’t consider taking over-the-counter laxatives every day if you weren’t constipated, yet with slimming teas, that’s usually what you are doing. As you can imagine, it’s not comfortable, it’s not pretty, it doesn’t have any effect on the fat in your body and it could actually be causing harm.

Ingredients in Slimming Teas

So, just what are the ingredients in weight loss teas that are causing harm? Well, the main one tends to be senna. This is a natural plant extract and the active ingredients, known as sennosides, can also be found in rhubarb. It is a very effective laxative and is good for little else.

Rhubarb root, extract or powder is also sometimes used. It sounds more of a natural ingredient to the customer reading the label and it imparts a pleasant flavor, but it’s basically the same thing. Aloe may also be used, along with a number of other laxatives.

Another popular ingredient in weight loss teas are diuretics. These help to flush water out of the body. That water can add up to a few pounds in weight, especially if you have been retaining water.

Boxers and MMA fighters often use these drugs to shed water so that they can meet a target weight prior to a fight. Bodybuilders also use them before shows so their muscles are more defined. They do help you to lose weight, but as soon as you have a drink, it will all come back. Common diuretics include dandelion root, licorice root, burdock and Horsetail, among others.

Caffeine may also be used for its stimulant effects and appetite suppression. They can also bundle in things like matcha and green tea extract, which we’ve already covered on You-Reviews. They are healthy, but they won’t do much with weight loss and they are rarely used in sufficient quantities.

Are Detox Teas Safe?

Detox Tea

Yes and no. Some of them can be safe to use long-term, but only if they don’t use any laxatives or large quantities of diuretics. If they are combinations of things like tea extracts, herbs and other healthy vitamins and minerals then they can be harmless short term. Teas that contain milk thistle in large quantities may also be safe long-term.

However, these teas are often labeled as Detox Teas and not Weigh Loss Teas. If it’s the latter, then there’s a high chance they will be using large quantities of purging laxatives. If it’s the former, they might be limited to minor diuretics, along with liver aids like milk thistle.

It’s important to do your research in all cases. There is a rather strange assumption that weight loss teas are somehow safe in any dose simply because they are teas. Inexperienced customers assume that nothing harmful can be made into a tea and that if they are not consuming tablets, it’s safe.

This is obviously not the case and detox teas and weight loss teas can be harmful. So, research the ingredients and their doses, instead of focusing on what celebrities had to say about them on Instagram.

Is a Natural Detox Tea Better?

These teas are often labelled as “natural” and “organic” in order to make them more appealing. But all of the ingredients that we mentioned above can be grouped into the same categories. The fact of the matter is that none of the reasons weight loss teas are harmful have anything to do with them being synthetic.

So, don’t read too much into the claims that they are natural. Detox teas really shouldn’t be anything but natural and it’s more suspicious if they are not.

Are Weight Loss Teas Scams?

It may seem like that, but weight loss teas usually do what they promise. After all, you do lose weight. However, they know as well as we do that this is not what customers want or expect, so we suggest that you be very distrusting of teas labelled as “weight loss teas” when they simply contain a host of products designed to excrete waste.

If they are labelled as “detox teas” then we don’t have as much of an issue with it. We don’t even have that much of an issue with ingredients like Aloe, considering there are other benefits. But we take umbrage with anything that contains senna and other strong laxatives and is not marketed as a constipation reliever.

The Best Weight Loss Teas

Weight Loss Teas Scams

We’re not going to recommend anything in this industry, at least not by name. We’re just not comfortable doing that yet, mainly for the reasons outlined here, but also because we’re not in agreement with the advertising tactics that these weight loss teas use.

They often flout the FCC guidelines that require all sponsored content to be labelled as such, which tricks easily influenced people into buying products just because their favorite celebrity advertises it. As a site that is very keen on clamping down on scams and is all about honest reviews, that doesn’t wash with us.

To see more reviews on weight loss teas feel free to visit our pages on SlimTea, Thin Tea and Skinny Tea. Just don’t expect rave reviews throughout.

Detox Teas that Work

The best detox ingredients include a little dandelion and a lot of milk thistle. If you can find a detox tea that contains these two ingredients, as well as some minerals and vitamins, then you have what you are looking for.

We can’t recommend any brands in particular, but in our experience the best teas come from actual tea companies. They don’t label them as “weight loss teas” or “slim teas”; they don’t stuff unnecessary ingredients in there; and they don’t get endorsements by celebrities. But they are good, honest teas that do what they promise to do.