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Wayfair Reviews: Is This Furniture Supplier Good or Bad?

Wayfair Reviews

The internet has made life so easy. You no longer have to travel with a rental truck to a furniture store to pick up that chest of drawers. Hiring someone to deliver your mattress? That’s a thing of the past!

There’s no small number of furniture and home décor stores online. Of course, there’s Amazon, but there are a number of other specialty online shops as well. Wayfair is one of those. So are Wayfair products a good deal? Let’s see what Wayfair reviews are saying!

What is Wayfair?

Wayfair is a retailer of furniture and home goods – it’s solely online. And while some companies focus their efforts on just one geographic region, Wayfair is much more ambitious than that. It has offices in Germany, Ireland, the UK and Canada as well as the United States.

Visiting the Wayfair website, you may think you’ve accidentally found the IKEA landing page. You’ll see furniture for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. There are categories for bed and bath, as well as rugs and outdoors. In other words, if it’s for the home, Wayfair probably has it listed.

Unlike IKEA, though, you won’t need to pay phenomenal shipping charges. The site offers free shopping on orders over $49. You can also apply for a Wayfair credit card, which gives you cash back rewards and an introductory offer.

But enough of the hype. What are Wayfair reviews saying? Should you give Wayfair a shot, rather than traveling to your local Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn? Here’s what the Wayfair reviews say.

The Positive Wayfair Reviews

It goes without saying that when you’re buying furniture online, there’s a certain measure of anxiety. Furniture is a big purchase, and you want your delivery to be quality. Like buying a car, sight unseen, it can be stressful!

Positive Wayfair reviews are funny. Do you remember when you were in school, your teacher told you the power of a positive sandwich? A positive sandwich goes something like this:

Hey, Mary! I love what you did with the room! We’ll take a minute to review your vacuuming skills later in the week, but overall you did a great job!

See, it’s a negative surrounded by two positives. And that’s what Wayfair reviews look like. Here are some examples; they’ve been shortened in the interest of saving you time.

I ordered a hot tub from Wayfair. It was broken when it got here, but the company quickly replaced it!

Another one went like this:

I ordered a KitchenAid mixer from Wayfair. The motor made a horrible squeak, but the company quickly replaced it!

And one more said this:

I ordered furniture from Wayfair. It didn’t get here on time, but I called customer care and the resolved the issue!

Of course, there are exceptions, and there were customers who had no negative Wayfair experience. They left positive reviews. But keep these positive sandwiches in mind before you order from Wayfair.

The Negative Wayfair Reviews

People who were unhappy with Wayfair didn’t bother to make a sandwich. They simply blasted the company saying, “I will NEVER order from this company again!”

You’re probably wondering why these negative reviews were written. Well, in about 70% of Wayfair reviews, the negative aspect was shipping time. Unlike Amazon and even Walmart, the company doesn’t offer 2-day shipping or similar services. I mean, it’s furniture. It’s big.

Shipping was often delayed, and sometimes items were damaged during shipping. Particularly entertaining was the review by the woman whose lamp was delivered to the wrong address. She’d used her “summer home” address on the order form as opposed to the “winter home.” Consequently, she was irate when Wayfair shipped there, and left a scathing review.

It would seem that a majority of Wayfair reviews, both positive and negative, would cite shipping time as an issue. And that may be a legitimate concern. There’s stiff competition in e-commerce by those who offer extremely fast shipping times. Waiting a week or two for a product may be annoying to some.

The quality of the products purchased seemed, in Wayfair reviews, to be middle of the road. You certainly won’t find high end furniture on the site, but it’s not Kmart furniture, either. The products offered on Wayfair are probably best suited to a starter home, or for someone on a budget.

Should I Shop at Wayfair?

Wayfair Review
The Wayfair reviews actually weren’t horrible. As mentioned, there was a bit of a snafu with the lamp, and others weren’t crazy about the shipping times as a whole. But product quality was good, and the site has a wide range of products to choose from.

Shopping from a site like Wayfair does have its downsides, of course. Again, you’re buying furniture without seeing it first. Do you really trust that that rug is going to match your futon?

You also run the risk of items becoming damaged during shipping. However, all of the Wayfair reviews applauded the company for their excellent customer service and response to complaints. When products were damaged, they were promptly replaced.

So should you shop at Wayfair? Sure! We don’t see a problem with a company! If you can wait a while to get your order, and aren’t reliant on two day shipping, Wayfair may be a good option for you.

There are certainly alternatives to shopping at Wayfair. Overstock is a company to look into. Of course, there are the larger and well-known stores like Sears and IKEA. You may also choose to visit a furniture store local to your area. After all, nothing beats lying on that bed before you buy it.

But if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to furnish your home, Wayfair is a good bet for you. You’ll find a lot of products in all different styles, and Wayfair reviews all claim that customer service is a force to be reckoned with. For even more variety, check out their slightly more “upscale” site, AllModern.