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Top Tech for Improving Your Fitness and Health

Tech for Health

Technology has come a long way in the last few years and it continues to advance at a great pace. It has afforded us many more opportunities, made the world more interconnected, and greatly improved access to information and education.

The biggest improvements, however, and perhaps the most important, are in the healthcare and personal health/fitness industries. There are all kinds of products that can improve your health and wellbeing and that’s what we’ll take a look at in this guide.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor, also known as a fitness tracker, is a small band that wraps around your wrist like a watch. It displays information pertaining to your fitness and heart health. These devices can help with tracking your heart rate, showing you how many steps you have taken, and even monitoring your sleep.

They can provide a comprehensive output on your daily activity and your current health and feed all this data to your phone. They can tell you whether you need to increase your activity level, consuming fewer/more calories, sleep more/less, or work on slowing your heart rare. The technology has also been around for a few years so they are cheap and there is a wide variety of options to choose from.

Soup Maker

Juicers and smoothie makers used to be all the rage and to an extent they still are, but these aren’t the best ways to get your five-a-day. They’ll make your bloated and overload your sugar intake—not ideal.

There is another option though: a soup maker. This is just as convenient and it’s even better for you. Just chop some vegetables, throw in a stock cube, and before long you’ll have a deliciously filling soup.

Soup is a miraculous thing as it can make the most basic of ingredients delicious and it’s a great way to use some leftover carrots, potatoes and other additional veg you have lying around. Add a little cream or butter for some extra depth and fat, serve with a slice of whole wheat bread, and you have a delicious, nutritious, low-calorie meal that’ll fill you up better than any smoothie could.

A Complete Meal: Huel

We have reviewed Huel before on this site and have noted just how beneficial it could be if you struggle to get your daily nutrients or find that you constantly have to eat on the go. We know it’s not “tech” as such, but a vast amount of resources and technology went into creating this and you can’t argue that it’s a product of modern times and modern tech.

There are countless articles on Huel and its American counterpart, Soylent, and the responses have been varied, to say the least. Some like it, but note that it’s not the best way to get through the day. Others swear by it. The main thing to consider is that it’s not necessarily designed to replace a full day of food, despite how it might be marketed, but rather it’s designed to replace meals here and there.

If you compare a day of Huel to a day of healthy eating, the latter will always come out on top. But that’s not the point. The point is that it can replace a couple breakfast bars when you’re hungry and in a rush; it can replace lactose-heavy whey shakes when you need some healthy protein.

A healthy, balanced diet consisting of real food is always best, but the vast majority of us simply doesn’t eat the foods we should be eating and that’s where Huel comes in.

Digital Blood Pressure Machines

The Omron Evolv is a perfect example of how far we have come with regards to blood pressure monitoring. This machine is small enough to take anywhere with you and makes it easy to check your blood pressure and get a medically accurate reading.

What’s more, the Omron Evolv tracks and records all data in an app, which you can then show your doctor or family. This is ideal if you have a medical issue or are concerned about something and want a professional to have a full record of the issue.