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Terms and Conditions

The terms described herein relate to You-Reviews and its readers. The words “we” and “our” are used to refer to the former, while “you” and “your” describe the latter.

General Information

You-Reviews is a review website that reviews products and services relating to health and lifestyle. These products are often reviewed by us directly, but we also take information from around the internet and from other reviewers, both professional reviews and customer reviews.

In doing so we gather a complete review of the product or service in question, with which we aim to provide potential customers with the information they seek.


Everything contained within the You-Reviews is the opinion of the website and its owners and operators. At You-Reviews we do not affiliate with many of the products and services that we cover, but in the event that we do we will still endeavor to provide a review that is honest and as unbiased as possible.

However, our opinion is still just our opinion and the thoughts and feelings of the You-Reviews team do not reflect those of others. Other customers may not have the same experience and may even suffer adversely through the use or misuse of these products and services. You-Reviews can not be held responsible for such events and are merely offering our opinions to help customers make up their minds about a purchase.


Your privacy is of the utmost important to us. That’s why we have installed SSL certificates on the site, even though we only take basic information from our users under rare circumstances. To learn more about this, visit our Privacy Policy page.

Trademarks and Copyrights

Here on You-Reviews we work hard to ensure that all of the content we publish is unique. All our opinions are ours and ours alone and most of these have been compiled by members of the You-Reviews team, with additional work completed by freelancers contracted on a short-term basis.

In all cases, this work is the property of You-Reviews and can not be used without the express permission of the site’s owners. That includes partial use and edited use. It also includes any images, layouts and additional site material that may be copyrighted.

Many of the images that we use on You-Reviews come from the public domain and we ensure that copyrights are checked in advanced. We also own a license for the themes that we use. If you think that we have used your graphics, images or other copyrighted content without permission, please contact us with details.


You-Reviews uses Google ads to generate revenue and it also offers sponsorship packages to companies selling a relevant product or offering a relevant service. In addition to these main sources of income we also publish banners and text links to affiliates.

These can be found in bad reviews and good reviews. In all cases we make sure that there is no bias towards the product we are linking to, but because we have no connection to these sites beyond that link and our opinion, we can not be held responsible for anything that happens to a user once they leave You-Reviews for one of these websites.

We remind all customers to be vigilant and to understand that scams do exist and that even the seemingly reputable companies can create problems. Because our affiliation is only a transparent one, any issues that you have with the company or product in question should be taken up with them directly.

Writing Contract

If you are chosen to write for You-Reviews then you will enter into a contract with us, at which point we will discuss the details of this contract with you. Unless otherwise stated, no money will be offered or exchanged; we will keep all copyrights and trademarks pertaining to the piece for at least 3 months; we reserve the right to edit as we see fit; we reserve the right to publish under the name of the website in order to fit with the other reviews we publish.

You may or may not be offered a small bio at the beginning or end of the articles that you write, in which you can place a link and some personal information. As stated in our FAQ and Write For Us page, we do not accept links to low quality “spammy” sites. In the event that these somehow make it past our editors and are published on the site, they may still be removed at a later date. This is something that all writers need to bear in mind when trying to sneak links in, especially if they have been paid for those links.

Responsibility and Health

The You-Reviews website should only be used by responsible adults who understand the risks involved with using well-being supplements and sports supplements. These products are discussed throughout the website, as are the side effects and potential risks. Such warnings are also reiterated by the sites that sell these products and by the manufacturers that make them.

As a result, we can not be held responsible for anyone who ignores or misunderstands these warnings. It is not the duty of You-Reviews and its writers to warn users about potential issues with regards to preexisting conditions, allergies, health warnings, recalls and other such information. As a result, we are not accountable for anything that occurs as a result of the manufacturers and retailers also failing to provide this information.

Consent and Changes

By using this website you are automatically giving your consent for everything contained within this term and conditions page. If that should not be the case then you are invited to close the website down. The same applies to the terms listed on our privacy policy page.

Should our terms and conditions change at anytime we reserve the right to alter this page accordingly. In such an event we will not contact our readers beforehand because we currently have no system in place that allows us to do this. There is no membership program and nothing that would otherwise afford us the chance to contact you prior to making any changes.

By continuing to use the You-Reviews website after these changes have been made you are continuing to issue your consent for anything that they contain.