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Supplement Companies (List and Reviews of Manufacturers)

Supplement Companies

There are a huge number of supplement companies out there, with more cropping up all of the time. You only need to go to the biggest retailers to see just how many of these companies are, with some producing single products and some producing a full spectrum of supplements.

Top Supplement Companies

We are not going to provide a full list because there’s no need. You can get that basic info elsewhere and it’s not quite what we do. Instead, we’re going to focus on the biggest names and provide our opinions on each one. We’ve focused on the better ones so we can keep this positive and make sure we only give publicity to the guy that deserve it.

However, just because a certain supplement manufacturer isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it’s not good, it just means we either didn’t think it was in the same league as these companies or, more likely, we forgot about it!

Animal (Universal Nutrition)

We like Animal, but they can be a bit overkill. We don’t agree with the habit of bundling huge amounts of vitamins into a multi-vitamin, simply because research has shown that this can do more harm than good.

Still, they all do it and customers have come to expect it. On the plus side, we have always loved the added ingredient combinations that these multivitamins contain, with all kinds of synergistic combinations to help with joints, recovery and more. Animal Pak is still the most popular product they have, but they have taken this idea of a “complete solution” into other products, including Flex, Stak and Cuts.


One of the cheapest of all top supplement companies, AST sell a wide range of essential sport supplements and offer them at cut-rate costs. These include multi-vitamins, creatine and more. The packaging isn’t big, bold and colorful. There are no gimmicks and no fancy marketing. But the product is solid and that’s what matters.


Our first introduction to the BSN brand was back when they became one of the first to launch a NO product. NO Explode remains a big seller in this category, but BSN have come a long way since then. These days their biggest seller is the Syntha 6 protein mix, which is one of the better protein powders on the market and help to give this supplement manufacturer the respect that they deserve.


These are one of the biggest supplement manufacturers in the world of protein powders and mass gainers. We have discussed them before here on You-Review, with both a review of their Elite Whey and on our articles on Best Mass Gainer and more.

Their products tend to be sweeter and tastier than what you can find elsewhere, but that tends to be because they have a little more sugars and sweeteners. Still, the products work and they deserve the respect that they get, with many experts considering them to be the second biggest supplement company when it comes to protein powders.

Evlution Nutrition

The popular manufacturers of LeanMode, one of the few effective stim-free fat loss products on the market, or so the advertising speil goes. This is backed up by their customers though and we are also fans of what this brand has done with other products.


Supplement Manufacturers

These guys have taken a military theme and have run with it. Like everyone who buys supplements, we can’t resist some pretty packaging. We know it doesn’t make the product better, but come on, it looks so cool! And when it comes to cool packaging, Grenade have it nailed.

Their products are named after weapons and bullets and their bottles of pills are shaped like grenades. How cool is that? Ibviously, it wouldn’t be very cool at all if the product inside wasn’t very good, but they often excel in this area as well.

Gaspari Nutrition

This brand always seems to add a retro flavor to its product packaging, with bright colors that wouldn’t look out of place on an 80s video game package.

The product is usually solid though and their biggest seller is a pre-workout drink by the name of SuperPump Max. They have a medium sized range, but are not the cheapest.


This is brand that focuses on a few basics, but is popular because it offers these fairly cheap. They include weight loss pills, pre-workout pills and all kinds of powders. Their bigger seller is ISO-Amino, which is a BCAA drink. However, they haven’t quite hit the heights of some of the other supplement manufacturers on this list.


In the past, when many supplement companies had small marketing budgets and were relying on word of mouth and an online reputation, Muscle Tech were taking over the world of supplements offline. These days it is those online companies that have come through to get more respect, while MuscleTech have gone through some big struggles. They are still very much a part of the scene, but they have changed a lot over the years.


A brand that is big on protein and some bodybuilding classics, including HMB. You can’t go much wrong with the basics and they are on our list of top supplement companies because they have nailed some great formulas in the past, while offering products for low prices.

Muscle Milk

A great tasting, high-protein drink marketed by a company of the same name. Muscle Milk have created some amazing products over the years, but they have had a better name than they do now. A lot of this is down to the preference of the market, as trends have changed and leaned more towards the likes of ON Gold Standard and less to the heavy powders like Muscle Milk.

Muscle Milk also sell protein bars and other protein products. At one point in time they even sold pots of high-protein instant oats. But this was back in the day when even Sylvester Stallone had his own high-protein food on the market. It seemed like anything went back then.


Probably one of our top 3 supplement companies. In fact, if you focus purely on well being supplements and not sports supplements, they are probably number 1. The NOW range is huge, covering all kinds of combinations as well as single minerals, vitamins and extracts.

Usually, if you want an ingredient like turmeric, CoQ10, milk thistle or many others, you need to get it as a combination. That is, unless the store in question stocks NOW, in which case you can always rely on them to offer the product you need.

Nature’s Way

Similar to NOW, in a way, Nature’s Best sell simple but good products and they sell them cheap. You can buy basic extracts and vitamins, as well as things like concentrated kelp and turmeric. One of the cheaper support companies out there but one that usually provides top quality products.

Optimum Nutrition

ON Whey Gold Standard Review

If there is one brand of bodybuilding supplement manufacturer that we respect above all others, this is the one. We have already reviewed their Gold Standard Whey, where we basically confirmed that this really is the best whey protein product on the market. ON, as they are often known, also excel in many other areas.

In fact, at the time of writing they have the biggest selling pre workout supplement as well as the best protein powders. You’ll pretty much find them at the top of the bestseller lists in every category and that’s because they are one of the few supplement companies that knows exactly what they are doing in every area they do it.

Quest Nutrition

Quest are all about protein bars. These are often sold online, but they can also be found in stores. A little expensive, but a top product nonetheless, and enough to make this one of the more respected supplement companies where protein products are concerned.


These products seem more widely available in the UK. They are a big named brand and one of the most widely available supplement companies in the UK. Or at least they were, because they are not as common these days.


The creators of two big sellers: AminoLean and QuadraLean. We have covered the latter previously on You-Reviews and while we didn’t have a lot of good things to say about it, this is still a strong and popular brand.


This is an old-school brand that creates products such as Tribuvar 1000, which contains Tribulus, and Pure CLA, which contains, well, you can figure that one out.


When your name is synonymous with one of your products it means one of two things: that product is either hugely popular and game-changing, or you just haven’t done enough in other markets and with other products. For SciVation, it’s the former and that game-changing product is Xtend.

It was so popular, in fact, that it spawned a series of supplements, with SciVation using the Xtend name on many other energy supplements.


They crate basic energy products based around key ingredients, such as L-Arginine, L-Carnitine and Yohimbe.

Udo’s Choice

We love these guys. All well-being supplement companies could learn a thing or two from them. They create total health supplements in the form of powder and oil combinations, bringing together the best ingredients and the ones that have been proven to work.

They focus on quality enzymes and understand the best synergetic ingredients, which has allowed them to create an assortment of award-winning products over the years.