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Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Review: Ingredients, Effectiveness, More

Super Mass Gainer

Super Mass Gainer from Dymatize is one of the most popular products in this category. But does it work, is it cost effective? We find out the answer to those questions and more in the Super Mass Gainer review.

Super Mass Gainer Basics

Dymatize are a very popular brand and one that has created a wealth of top sports supplements over the years. Perhaps the best known of these is their Elite Whey protein powder, which often ranks as one of the best protein powders in the world. In some ways Super Mass Gainer is an extension of that, but is it just as good?

The first thing we need to look at is the nutrient profile of Super Mass Gainer. There are 53 grams of protein, 243 grams of carbs and a total of 1250 calories packed into every single serving. As discussed on our Best Mass Gainer article this is an overkill for everyone who is not a top athlete and may actually be dangerous if consumed regularly by people who don’t fit this description.

The average Joe who works out several times a week and is looking to build muscle and mass will not need more than 3,000 calories a day, and to consume a third of that in one sitting as a drink is not healthy, especially when you consider how much sugars are in that dose. If you need to consume in excess of 5,000 calories over several meals, then a product like this could be a life saver.

It’s a fine balance, so make sure you read our linked article above in order to brush up on weight gainers and to understand whether you need them or not and what alternatives there are to high-calorie weight gainers like Super Mass Gainer.

Composition of Super Mass Gainer

Super Mass Gainer Ingredients

There are a lot of weight gaining products on the market. These range from lower calorie ones like Arnold Iron Mass, to pills like CB1 Weight Gainer (which probably aren’t what they seem) right up to big bulk gainers like Super Mass Gainer. The ingredients are obviously what makes these products.

In the lower calorie ones, they tend to focus on “clean” calories, at least from a bodybuilder’s perspective. This mean that they focus on calories from protein and complex carbs, as well as BCAAs, vitamins, minerals and maybe some healthy fats. You can’t really do that by offering a product that has 1250 calories per serving.

It would be protein overkill and it just wouldn’t be effective. That’s why you will find a lot of sugars in this product. They help to provide quick energy to the muscles and they also help with the taste.

Super Mass Gainer Ingredients

There are close to 11 grams of BCAAs in Super Mass Gainer, which means you don’t need to load up on an additional amino acid supplement. As mentioned already, there is a lot of sugar here. In fact, the main ingredient is maltodextrin, which is a simple sugar. This is followed by a blend of protein, most of which are quickly absorbed proteins.

There are vitamins and minerals in there, offering just under 100% of your RDA for most of them, and there is also 1 gram of creatine monohydrate. You shouldn’t overlook the addition of 4 grams of fiber either. It’s not a huge amount, but it helps to promote healthy digestion, which cant always be said for these drinks.

Our Super Mass Gainer Review

Many weight gainers are packed with sugars and Super Mass Gainer is no exception, but despite that we find that the taste is often terrible. Super Mass Gainer was somewhat of an exception and we enjoyed Gourmet Vanilla, but that was about it.

Rich Chocolate didn’t agree with our testers, Sugar Cookie was too sickly and Cookies & Cream was bland. We didn’t get a chance to try Chocolate Cake Batter. As for the product itself, we weren’t really able to test it like we usually would so our Super Mass Gainer review is not as in-depth as it could be.

We’re occasional gym-goers, not pro-athletes, so we’re not the target market. We tried a few full servings and everyone and the You-Reviews team agreed that it was a very heavy drink that sat on the stomach and pretty much made them immobile for an hour or two. But it’s 1250 calories in a drink, so that’s not unexpected.

Because of this, we found it best to consume post workout, preferably in the morning. That seems to be the best time to digest it. The most dedicated fitness fanatic on our team also took to using half serving doses on days when he knew he wouldn’t be eating a post-workout meal. So, instead of a post0workout shake, followed by a full meal an hour or two later, he would just half half a scoop of Super Mass Gainer.

The fact that he is continuing to use the product even after the review finished is testament to how much he enjoyed it.

Other Super Mass Gainer Reviews

Super Mass Gainer Reviews

There are a lot of bodybuilders who swear by Super Mass Gainer. They use it at least once a day to get those extra calories in and to help them bulk and it seems to work for them. Of course, it’s not going to give them huge muscles, not by itself anyway. Weight gainers are calories, that’s really what they boil down to, but so many calories in a convenient drink can be essential, especially when you get a good dose of protein from it.

There are complaints from some reviewers who claim that they bloat when using Super Mass Gainer or that they only added fat. But that is simply because they are consuming way more calories than they need and clearly have the wrong impression of what a product like Super Mass Gainer does for them.

It is a problem we also saw with Hard Mass Gainer, another product we reviewed. It makes the product look bad when in truth it’s down to the fact that it just wasn’t made with that kind of consumer in mind.

Super Mass Gainer Review: Summary

We don’t freely hand out good reviews here on You-Reviews. We are suspicious of most products in the supplement industry and we spend a lot of time questioning the need for certain ingredients and the intentions of the ones promoting it. With Super Mass Gainer, our experience was mostly positive.

Our Super Mass Gainer review speaks for itself. There are issues with this product. We don’t think it is for everyone and there are a few overkill ingredients. But for a pro athlete, or for someone who wants to use smaller doses, it works very well and doesn’t taste too bad.