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Stitch Fix Reviews: What is it, Does it Work, Can you Trust it?

Stitch Fix Reviews

Are you the type of woman who likes having a closet full of clothes? Or would you rather stick with the basics – a few pairs of jeans or skirts and several tops?

If you like trying out new looks, check out what we found out about Stitch Fix. The reviews are mixed – here’s what people said.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a services which sends you a curated box of clothes each month. You can choose which styles you’d like to keep, then send the rest back if you don’t care for them.

Your “personal style” is set when you initially sign up for the service. But you can always change it later. Here’s how it works.

1. Sign up for the Stich Fix service. You’ll provide your height, weight, sizes, pregnancy status, and a host of other information. It’s a lot of information.
2. Once you’ve finally answered the questions, you’ll be directed to sign up for your subscription. It costs $20 month for the service.
3. Pay your $20, and you’ll be sent a box of clothing.
4. Keep what you want, and your credit card will be charged for those clothes, minus the $20 fee you’ve already paid.
5. If you keep everything, you’ll also receive a 25% discount.

Sounds easy, right? Let’s look at what Stich Fix reviews say, and whether the service is worth it.

Stitch Fix Reviews

Stich Fix reviews, like many other subscription services, are mixed. There’s a problem with subscriptions as a whole, and that’s the inability to make your own choices. We see it in services like HelloFresh and Ipsy, and it’s true for Stitch Fix too.

A lot of Stitch Fix reviews said that they’d liked one or two of the items sent to them, but the rest were sent back. We don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing – it means the service wasn’t completely missing the mark.

However, wouldn’t it be just as easy to run to Target to pick up that one item? Sure, the style may be something different, or it may have a fit you’ve never tried before. But some Stitch Fix reviews said that the hassle of the process wasn’t worth that one shirt.

Secondly, the price was a huge concern for many people who sent in their Stitch Fix reviews. There were $80 jeans, $50 sweaters and $40 shirts in the box. That’s despite choosing the option “the cheaper the better.”

We don’t know about you, but when we think the “cheaper the better,” we think about running down to Kohl’s and picking up a top for ten bucks. There are many people who wouldn’t dream of paying $40 for a t-shirt.

Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription

Stitch Fix Review

The Stitch Fix complaints didn’t stop there.

First of all, the sizing of the products was awkward for a lot of customers. All women are shaped differently. And for that reason, we think that it’s important that Stitch Fix include juniors’ sizes in their options. That option wasn’t there, however.

Many people who tried the service said that the clothes chosen didn’t, in any way, reflect the preferences they’d chosen at sign up. One woman who said she “liked to show a little cleavage” was disappointed when she got a crew neck sweater in the mail.

Still others said that the clothes were just plain ugly. Weird patterns with birds or lizards, skinny jeans with holes in them and grunge-style shoes were among the complaints.

When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you’ll set your preference for the type of clothing you want to wear. You can choose the frequency with which you’ll receive casual, business, cocktail or “date night” clothes. Many Stitch Fix reviews said that those preferences were ignored. They’d receive casual clothes instead of professional and vice versa.

One review put it aptly. She said:

No matter what you put on your preferences, they just sent you whatever they had in stock.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there were dozens of Stitch Fix customers who had great difficulty cancelling. Repeatedly they’d call the customer service line, and repeatedly they’d see charges on their credit card regardless.

Should You Subscribe to Stitch Fix?

We don’t’ recommend it. It’s so much easier to pop over to Kohl’s and choose a few tops on sale than it is to go through the ridiculous process of trying on clothing you didn’t even choose yourself.

Shipping was pretty fast for some people but others complained of delays. So after your credit card is charged $20, you’re left waiting to receive a box of clothes you’ll likely just send right back.

A lot of reviews said the clothes weren’t quality – that they were sweatshop made and didn’t last. Again, a discount store could provide that, and at a much lower cost.

Of course, no matter what you receive in your Stitch Fix box, you’re still charged twenty bucks. That said, you’re basically paying twenty dollars to try on clothes and go to the post office.

Stitch Fix is a good idea, but that’s about the extent of it. There are other clothing subscription services out there, and many customers have moved on to try those instead.

If you’re still not convinced that Stitch Fix isn’t a good deal, you can always feel free to try it out. There are many people who offer referral links for the service, and some will give you a free $20 credit, good for your first order. Do a quick Google search to find some of those affiliates.

Stitch Fix has a men’s program, too. If you believe the stereotype, men are less likely to be picky about their clothes. (We don’t believe that at all – some of us have husbands with bigger closets than we have.) With that stereotype in mind, though, you may be better off just going to Walmart.

Overall? Stitch Fix doesn’t seem to be worth the effort or cost. Do yourself a favor and just go shopping yourself.