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Somnapure Reviews (Scam or Genuine; Dosage; Side Effects)

Somnapure Review

Is Somnapure a scam? Is it a genuine product? In this Somnapure Reviews page we aim to find out. We have put it to the test in our offices and we have also checked with other users, studies and more to find out once and for all is this product is all it’s cracked up to be.

We are experienced users of many of the ingredients found in Somnapure and indeed of many of its rival products. So, we were perfectly placed to offer our opinion and give you an honest verdict. Don’t worry—our Somnapure review will give it to you straight.

Is Somnapure a Scam?

We don’t know about you, but we have a serious distrust for any product sold online that is labelled with an “As Seen on TV” sign. Some of the biggest supplement scams in recent years have used this trick and in all cases, it’s a lie. The acai berri  scams were a prime example of this. So, it doesn’t fill us with any confidence when we see that Somnapure are doing the same thing.

However, there is no scam here, thankfully. Somnapure is a genuine product. It seems to have effective ingredients, ones that have been proven to work. They also offer free samples and they are backed by a reputable company.

Somnapure is not a scam as far as we know. Just don’t hold us to that if anything happens when you order from them. We’re basing that statement on our own dealings with them and on what we can find, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t be wrong or that a company can’t change, it’s just unlikely.

So, now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the Somnapure reviews. This is a “Somnapure Reviews” article after all, it only makes sense.

Our Somnapure Reviews: Effectiveness

Somnapure Reviews

Somnapure really does work to help you fall asleep. In some cases, it seems that it works a lot like a they promise, helping to initiate a calm and relaxing sleep and not leading to any lethargy in the morning. But this wasn’t true for all Somnapure reviews we looked at and it certainly wasn’t true for our own experiences it.

In fact, in our experience if you use any substance to aid with sleep then you’re going to feel groggy. There is a certain unnatural grogginess that accompanies the use of all hypnotics and the heavier they are, the stronger that feeling is. The only time you don’t feel groggy at all is when you’re so used to not sleeping and to feeling groggy anyway, that when you do sleep it’s such a weight off your mind and your body that you don’t notice how negative effects the next morning.

There are some clinical studies backing up the effectiveness of Somnapure, and we’re not surprised. you only need to look at the Somnapure ingredients list to see why it is effective. These are proven ingredients and they have been used for many years to aid with sleep.

Somnapure Ingredients

The grogginess and the calming effects seem to predominantly come from the melatonin. This is a hormone and even if you take it on its own it can help you to drift off to sleep. The second main Somnapure ingredient is Valerian, which also has a strong calming effect. This is further boosted by chamomile, passion flower and hops extract, but in truth, these are not entirely effective.

Chamomile certainly soothes and relaxes, but on its own its rarely enough to send someone to sleep and it’s never enough if that someone is an insomniac. The same goes for lemon balm. However, they seem to work well when they are taken together in combination with the melatonin and the Valerian, which are effective.

Our Somnapure Reviews: Price

It’s always good to see a free sample offer and a money-back guarantee promise, especially with a drug like this. The price is also very reasonable at around $30 a bottle. If you buy it from a store (it is stocked everywhere from Walgreens and Walmart to CVS) then this is roughly the pricey you will pay. If you buy it online then you can expect to add about $5 or $6 or shipping on top pf that.

You can also get your free sample online and these are usually sent out fairy quickly, so there is none of this “6 to 8 weeks” nonsense.

Somnapure Reviews Overall

Somnapure Scam

We really liked this product, as this Somnapure Reviews page no doubt shows. We don’t have a lot of bad things to say about it, which is very rare for us. However, we feel it is our duty to point a few things out before you leave thinking that this is a miracle drug.

Firstly, while many of the Somnapure ingredients have been proven to be effective, extensive, long-term studies have yet to be performed on some of them, particularly melatonin. Also, the statements about Somnapure have not been evaluated by the FDA, and many of the ingredients are not recommended by them either. They’re not banned and they’re not not recommended, but don’t start popping these pills thinking that it’s 100% safe because while it probably is, there is no guarantee.

As mentioned already, there are also some issues with the effects. You will feel tired and you will probably drift off to sleep with help from this drug. But it is not as strong as a prescription strength sleeping tablet. You need to go through a routine to relax your mind and your body, otherwise it’s very easy to stay awake all the way through. And even if you do sleep, you will still feel groggy the next morning, at least in our experience.

All of that aside, most Somnapure reviews are positive and so is ours. You can save a few bucks by just buying melatonin with Valerian and skipping everything else. But as a combined product we really like Somnapure. It may be placebo, but we feel an improved effect from the additional ingredients and we don’t mind paying the extra to take something that combines all of them.