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SitnCycle Reviews (Scam or Not? Does It Work, Is It Worth It?)

SitnCycle Reviews

SitnCycle is one of the many “As Seen on TV” fitness products that look very dubious, cost a fortune, but somehow have an endorsement from a leading public figure. We’ve been asked to confirm whether SitnCycle is a scam or not and we’ve looked through many SitnCycle reviews, promotional texts and more to confirm this.

As you might expect and as is usually the case, what the SitnCycle reviews from users have to say versus what the company and its endorses have to say is like day and night, chalk and cheese. So, what’s the truth? Are these SitnCycle reviews right and is this a product to avoid, or is it as impressive and as useful as Olympic Gold medalist Dorothy Hamill claims?

SitnCycle Reviews: The Consensus

If you look at any accumulation of SitnCycle reviews then you’ll see a general consensus that is mostly negative, with a few random positive reviews thrown in. The SitnCycle is a streamlined exercise machine manufactured by Smooth Fitness & Health. It’s a stationary bike, but there are no handlebars and little support, which means there is more freedom of movement to help you build balance and strengthen your core.

There are several different levels of resistance, a smooth pedaling system and a choice of colors for your machine. It’s all very basic, and that’s where many of the negative Sit n Cycle reviews have come from.

These Sit N Cycle reviews complain that the product is overpriced; the company is non-responsive; the machine is clunky; and more. The first release of this machine had many issues with the construction, including pedals that just didn’t work. These were said to have been improved with the new and improved version of the Sit N Cycle, but those negative reviews continue to come in.

Sit N Cycle Reviews: The Weight

The weight of the machine has also been a problem for many. As you can tell by the demographic of most SitnCycle reviews out there, this machine was created for the Baby Boomer generation, people who are 50+ and either don’t have the time, the ability or the inclination to go to the gym or use standard exercise machines. It is supposed to help them get on their with their lives (you can read, knit or use a smartphone) while building their core and helping them with cardio.

However, these customers are the least likely demographic to be happy with a machine that weighs a lot and is therefore difficult to move around the home, not to mention to pack back into the box and then suffer the burden of return postage. In total the SitnCycle weighs 34 pounds, which can render it considerably less mobile than the commercials claim.

Is SitnCycle a Scam?

SitnCycle Scam

This is a question that seems to be asked about every product and every service. It seems that people are generally very mistrusting and while that mistrust isn’t always justified, you can see why it exists in this case. Firstly, they are not listed with the Better Business Bureau. That doesn’t really mean much these days because many businesses choose not to list out of principle, but add to this the bad reviews, the complaints and the general “odd” nature of the machine and its commercials, and it becomes clear.

However, it’s not a scam. The machine is real and their refund policy is also real. As discussed below, this has been labelled as a scam because of how difficult it can be to navigate, but you will find the same when you try and cancel most free trials. They want you to see the long and winding road ahead of you, think, “I can’t be bothered”, give up and then pay them the subscription. So, they make it difficult.

SitnCycle Price: Cost of Convenience

You can have a 30-day risk free trial with the Sit n Cycle for just $19.95. After this you will be billed six consecutive payments of $39.99, totaling just under $260. That’s a substantial amount for a small bike like this, but it’s an amount that many are happy to pay.

The issue lies with the cancellation policy. If you don’t cancel before those 30 days are up then the billing will start. To cancel you need to contact customer support, obtain a number, and then send the machine back with this number attached, claiming responsibility for the transit of the package as you do. As mentioned above, you will also be responsible for paying the return postage, which is a sizable amount considering the sheer weight and bulk of this machine.

This is one of the reasons that this machine feels like it’s from a different time. It looks like something that is better suited to the 1990s, when internet shopping was uncommon and the benefits of low-cost materials and comparison sites ensured that machines like this were cheap, and that customers didn’t need to worry about high-priced return postage or convoluted subscription services. It just doesn’t fit.

You could probably get something very similar for a lot less elsewhere. You wouldn’t get the in-your-face, hold-your-hand and excite-your-senses advertising, the impressive endorsement or the convenience of shopping through your TV and letting peppy presenters make up your mind for you. This is a machine that could only really sell on the platform that is TV shopping channels and it seems to be doing just that.

SitnCycle Reviews: What we Think = 2 out of 5

SitnCycle Review

There are some issues with this machine, that’s plain to see. If it was priced at under $100, then we would no doubt be happy to ignore those and give it a whirl, especially if we were in the target market. However, at the current price, it’s just not good enough. It doesn’t feel like a machine that is worth over $250 and we’re also not yet sold on whether or not it actually does what it promises to do.

The jury is out on that one and the same will no doubt be true for many SitnCycle reviewers. But unless they improve the construction or drop the price, we can’t see many more customers trying it out.