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Roomba Reviews: Is it Worth an Investment? (Honest Review)

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Do you ever wish there was a way to clean your house while you sleep? (Heck, some of you are probably so used to cleaning up after kids that you feel you could do it in your sleep.) Well, some brilliant inventor out there caught on to the plight of adults across the world. He invented a handy little device, the Roomba, which would complete the tedious chore of vacuuming – without your help.

So what are the Roomba reviews saying? Does it work? Is it just another appliance that’s going to be shoved in a closet somewhere? Here’s what people are saying about the Roomba.

What’s a Roomba?

What a silly name for a gadget. The name Roomba, though is quite fitting for what it actually is. Designed by iRobot, the Roomba is a disc shaped device designed to vacuum your floor. There are a few models of Roomba, most in the price range of $300 to $600.

The Roomba is programmable, in that you can set it to run while you’re at work, or while you’re in bed. You can also set “boundaries” for the gadget – these boundaries are kind of like an invisible fence for your vacuum. Set the parameters of the room, and the Roomba supposedly won’t leave its designated area.

Tired of vacuuming? Have a shedding pet? The Roomba is advertised to be an answer to your prayers. But does it work? After all, that’s a lot of money to drop on a vacuum, right? Check out what others have said in their Roomba reviews before you go out and spend your allowance.

Roomba Reviews: A “Crappy” Vacuum?

We looked everywhere, and we solicited a lot of Roomba reviews. All those reviews had a common trend. The rating would, initially, be around a 4.5 to a 5 out of 5. Then, that rating would drop drastically as time went on.

The Roomba is a great little theory. You set the thing down on the floor, set the time you’d like to send it to work, and let your house clean itself. What could go wrong, right?

Well, first of all, a majority of Roomba reviews say the vacuum didn’t last. They’d use it for a year or two, then be greeted with an error message. That message was usually a “charging error.” Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix that, and at that point the device is out of warranty. Those Roomba reviewers were out a lot of pocket change.

Secondly, there’s the matter of pets. We’ve read Roomba reviews from pet owners, and we have mixed feelings. Some say that the pet hair would clog the Roomba. Fair enough, right? That could be quite inconvenient after a while.

But other Roomba reviews by pet owners say that the vacuum left “poop trails” across the house. The thing wouldn’t have enough suction, or was too low to the floor, to pick up pet feces. So it would smear them across the floor. Our advice to those Roomba users is simple: don’t let your pet poop on your floor.

Roomba Reviews: Legitimate Complaints

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We’ll leave it up to you whether you think the poop complaint is legitimate. Instead, we’ll look at some more – practical – Roomba reviews, both the positive and the negative.

The Roomba is notorious for getting hung up on chair legs and other obstacles. This causes two problems. First, it doesn’t allow the device to vacuum the whole floor. Instead, the thing just whirs to a stop when the battery dies.

Second, if you set the vacuum to run while you sleep, you’re likely to traipse downstairs with a baseball bat. Thump. Thump. Thump. The Roomba will be blindly bumping into your furniture as it tries to escape the maze caused by that pesky ottoman.

It apparently doesn’t work on shag carpet, but positive Roomba reviews say that it’s great on hardwood floors. And most positive reviews also say that with proper maintenance, the Roomba will last quite a while.

The beauty of the Roomba is that it’s supposed to be “set it and forget it.” You’ll program the thing, then let it run its course. It will dock itself back into its charger at the end of each run, ready to go on its next scheduled shift. The problem with that is that you’re likely to literally forget it. If you don’t clean and maintain the Roomba, the lifespan of the device will shorten considerably. Should you choose to purchase a Roomba, we suggest setting a reminder on your iPhone to clean it out.

Should You Buy a Roomba?

Let’s be real: there are plenty of expensive vacuums on the market. At such a high price point, should you buy a Roomba?

Our sources say no. There are much better options out there, though they’re not the type to do your housework for you. Most people are happy with a plain old Hoover or Dyson vacuum, and those last a lot longer than the Roomba.

If you have kids or pets, the Roomba is probably not your best bet, either. Kids leave all manner of things on the floor. Those Legos you step on will likely get stuck in your Roomba. And that pet hair? Your upright or canister vacuum will be much more effective – and less gross to clean.

Customer support is lacking, according to most Roomba reviews. Those who have tried to call for troubleshooting have been met with a sales pitch. And the error codes are copious. Unfortunately, they mean little as iRobot would rather sell you a new vacuum than fix the error.

If you’re looking for a way to do some light cleaning in, say, a section of the house that you never use, the Roomba might be great for you. If you’re looking for an alternative to your regular housekeeping schedule, keep looking. Finally, if your pets poop on your floor, please steer clear of the Roomba. By all (very messy and incredibly bizarre) accounts, you will be doing yourself a world of disservice.