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Romwe Reviews: Budget Clothing Service Review (Honest Opinion)

romwe reviews

Have you ever wished that you could get a full and complete wardrobe for less than $100? Romwe is a discount clothing retailer which promises just that. The site specializes in women’s clothes, and offers free international shipping.

But what are the Romwe reviews saying? Do you get what you pay for? Would you be better off to not trust this online retailer? Here’s what people have been saying about Romwe, as well as what we think about the service.

Shopping at Romwe

Because I play mama to three kids, I’m constantly broke. Not only am I perpetually poor, but I also have a three year old. Recently, she got her hands on a pile of laundry. Helpful as the darling is, she decided she would put mommy’s laundry in the washing machine.

She dragged her little white stool up to the washer, and one by one dropped my clothes into the washer, where my white towels were soaking in bleach.

Yay for children.

So I was out quite a few items of clothing, and decided I’d give Romwe reviews a more personal try than some others. I visited the site, and to be honest, some of the clothes were pretty cute. If you’re looking for a more traditional style – you know, like work clothes – you’ll probably have to shop elsewhere.

But for other styles, like leggings (a basic in my closet), skirts (I can’t live without them) and cute tops, Romwe looks promising. There are oodles of styles available – more than you’d find at a discount store like Target or Kohl’s. And the prices aren’t just affordable, they’re cheap.

Here’s an example of the cost of an outfit at Romwe:

White boat neck crocheted scalloped top – $4.99
Solid color tank (for the more modest types) – $3.99
Elastic waist flowy skirt – $8.99

Pretty good, right?

I put a few things in my basket. The site states that shipping is free on orders over $69. But standard shipping is just $5.99 if you can’t find that many items to buy at once. I chose a few tops, some tanks and several skirts, then checked out.

Standard delivery time was advertised to be between 6 to 10 business days. My order arrived in 5.

Romwe Reviews

So did I get what I paid for? Kind of. See, I’m the kind of person who, (with kids to blame) cycles through clothes regularly. Whether my wardrobe is bathed in bleach or soiled from splashing in muddy puddles, nothing ever lasts long.

So I have a tendency to buy cheap. I’ll go to Target, Kohl’s or even Walmart on occasion to pick up something quick. The clothes I got from Romwe were pretty comparable in quality, and I’d paid a comparable price.

Would I wear the clothes to a job interview or to dinner with the in-laws? No, probably not. First of all, the styles were a bit too “trendy” for that sort of engagement. Secondly, I noticed the occasional stray thread or frayed seam.

But the clothes I got from Romwe were good enough to wear for everyday life. They were cute, they fit well, and they arrived fast. I wasn’t disappointed with the shipping cost, either.

This was one of those cases where I didn’t check out reviews before I made a purchase. I was curious as to whether others were as complacently satisfied with their orders as I was. So I researched Romwe reviews a bit, and saw that those reviews were mixed.

On average, the site got about 3 out of 5 stars. I was surprised by that, as there was nothing wrong with my order. Digging a little deeper, I found that there were a few problems others were having with their orders.

What Others are Saying About Romwe

romwe review

The biggest complaint among the Romwe reviews that I read was the shipping time. The site indicates that an order will be delivered between 6 and 10 days after it’s placed. Not everyone had that experience.

Some orders were delayed, and others were missing items. Those items were usually shipped in a separate package to be delivered later, but I can certainly understand the frustration.

Others complained of the quality of the clothes. They said the stitching wasn’t matched, or the fabric was thin. I can agree that the quality of clothes certainly isn’t on par with Nordstrom or Macy’s. But again, you get what you pay for.

Another prevalent problem was the clothing sizing. Those who ordered and tried on the clothes said that those clothes were too small. I feel the need to defend the company on this matter.

Every time you make a selection, you’ll be prompted to choose a size. When you do, you’ll see a list of measurements directly below the item, in plain view. I ordinarily wear a size S to M, but had to order a L because of those measurements.

It can be frustrating for someone to tell you you’re a large when you’re actually a small. But those people who ordered the wrong size were most likely not paying attention. The size chart is, literally, right there. On the same page.

As you’d expect, there were positive Romwe reviews like mine. Those people were just as “meh” as I was about the order, and tood a “good enough for me” mindset to what they’d received.

Should You Order from Romwe?

I don’t see any real reason why not. Don’t use Romwe if you’re looking for something that’s going to last for a decade. Expect it to last for a year or two, with proper care.

Don’t order anything you’d want to wear to prom, a job interview or your wedding. That should go without saying. People may not notice the quality of your clothes, but the stitching and material is not comparable to high end clothing.

Do use Romwe if you’re looking for cute clothes to kick around in on the weekends. They’re affordable enough to fit any budget, are comfortable, and there’s a huge selection on the Romwe website. And best of all, you won’t cry mournful tears if your daughter decides to wash your Romwe clothes in bleach.