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RepHresh Pro-B Reviews: Does it Work? How to Use and More

RepHresh Reviews

I’m not the only woman on staff, but it might be that I’m the bravest. We’ve gotten a few requests for RepHresh Pro-B reviews, and everyone in the office kind of squirmed. However, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not scared of much at all.

So I’ll take just a moment to pat myself on the back for agreeing to tackle this… (pat pat)… and move on. You wanted RepHresh Pro-B reviews? You got it!

What is RepHresh Pro-B?

I’m sure you’ve seen those commercials for the yogurt. They boast that yogurt helps to promote “optimal feminine health” and can lower the instances of yeast infection and other maladies. The claim is that the probiotics in the yogurt help to balance the levels of “microflora” (I know, I know) in the vagina, and will decrease the likelihood of yeast infections.

Here’s how that’s supposed to work. Vaginal health is dependent upon a proper pH balance, and on the presence of good bacteria and other microorganisms. For most women, this happens on its own. But sometimes, that balance can be thrown off. Medications, supplements, spermicides, birth control pills, and even sperm can toss the balance off kilter, and may increase the likelihood of a yeast infection.

Enter yogurt. There are people who think (because of the commercials, probably) that yogurt can help to restore this balance. In fact, however, there’s very little evidence to support this. It’s certainly not harmful, but it’s not shown to be helpful.

RepHresh Pro-B was designed to work just like yogurt. I agreed to look into it a little more, and put a review together for You Reviews. But before I even started delving into the RepHresh Pro-B reviews which were sent to us by users of the supplement, I noticed a few problems. Let’s look at those first.

RepHresh Pro-B Reviews: Red Flags

To begin, I’m just going to be completely honest with you. That’s what this site is about. I, personally, will not take RepHresh Pro-B. All of the RepHresh Pro-B reviews cited on this page are by users of the product. Those users have sent us their honest assessments, and have given us permission to quote them.

There are a few reasons why I won’t take this supplement. First of all, the website has a beautiful description of all the wonderful things that RepHresh Pro-B will do for your vagina. But guess what’s missing? Ingredients.

I scoured and scoured the page to get a list of the ingredients in the supplement. There was just nothing there. I literally had to go to the store to see what was in the darn stuff. To me, that’s just shady.

Secondly, the name of the product is RepHresh Pro-B. Would that not imply that the probiotics would help to maintain a nice pH level? Nope. RepHresh is just a name brand. The website states in its FAQs:

Does RepHresh Pro-B affect vaginal pH?

RepHresh Pro-B is not designed to affect vaginal pH.

Finally, once I finally did find the list of ingredients, I was less than impressed. L. rhamnosus GR-1 and L. reuteri RC-14 are both probiotics. And they’ve both been shown to reduce the frequency of vaginal infections – when administered intra-vaginally. That means inserted, ladies. Not swallowed in capsule form. That’s just not my jam.

Right, so with all those disclaimers aside, let’s look at RepHresh Pro-B reviews from the brave women who actually used it.

RepHresh Pro-B Reviews: What Women Said

RepHresh Pro B Reviews

We sent out the request for feedback on a Thursday, and by Saturday we had dozens of replies. And there’s one thing they all had in common: none were positive reviews.

Complaints in the RepHresh Pro-B reviews we received ranged from the minor to the shocking. All were negative, and all claimed that the product didn’t work. Most cited the price as a huge turn-off. The supplements can cost as much as $30 for a pack of 30 (one month supply).

One user claimed that within a few days of starting to use RepHresh Pro-B, she started noticing a sharp, bizarre vaginal odor. When she discontinued use, it went away.

Several users noticed a marked increase in vaginal discharge. The discharge was a yellow or green color, they remarked, and smelled badly.

One of the RepHresh Pro-B reviews we received let us know that after a week of taking the pills, her bacterial vaginosis came back. For those of you who aren’t familiar, bacterial vaginosis is what causes vaginal odor. It usually pops up when the pH balance is upset, like when you douche (don’t douche, ever), or even swim in a pool.

Another user pointed out something I, myself hadn’t noticed. When you look at the ingredients on the box, L. rhamnosus and L. reuteri are listed as 2.5 billion cfu (colony forming unit). However, the box also disclaims that that’s the amount of the bacteria at time of manufacture. It says that by the time you receive the product, only 1 billion cfu are guaranteed.

Overall, the RepHresh Pro-B reviews we received were either by women who hated it or who were indifferent. Those who were indifferent said that they’d honestly rather eat yogurt than take a pill anyway.

RePhresh Pro-B Reviews: The Verdict

RepHresh Pro B Work
I can’t recommend this supplement. I base this on the RepHresh Pro-B reviews we received, on the sketchiness of the website, and on the efficacy of probiotics on the whole.

There are much better ways to take care of your body than by swallowing a pill. If swallowing a pill is really what you want to go for, then there are much cheaper alternatives on the market.

Of course, if you are having issues with vaginal health, the best thing to do is ring your gynecologist. He or she can tell you exactly what’s going on down there. Leaving issues untreated can lead to much bigger problems. The contraction of sexually transmitted infections, uterine and ovary infection, and an inability to conceive are among them.

I recommend you leave the RepHresh Pro-B on the shelf where it belongs. Yogurt tastes much better, anyway.