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Raspberry Ketone Pills: Scam Watch (Do Keto Pills Work?)

Raspberry Ketone Pills

There are hundreds of products on the market to assist with weight loss. And it’s difficult to know which will work and which are just hype. Television doesn’t help. With the likes of Dr. Oz and others, weight loss trends come just as quickly as the pounds do.

Raspberry ketone is a product that’s gotten a bit of attention lately. Let’s look at the supplement for weight loss, and see how – or if – it has helped others successfully meet their weight loss goals.

What is Raspberry Ketone?

What is raspberry ketone? Raspberry ketone is a chemical which comes from, you guessed it, the raspberry. Ketones aren’t only present in raspberries, but are also found in kiwi, apples, grapes and some veggies. They’re also present in the barks of some plants and trees.

Raspberry ketone is always taken by mouth, but it can come in two forms. You can find the extract, or you can buy pills over the counter. Both are advertised as a weight loss aid as well as a hair loss preventive. Sometimes, raspberry ketones are used as a flavoring for food.

So what do these supplements do? How are they supposed to help you lose weight?

Why Raspberry Extract?

Raspberry extract and raspberry ketone pills are said to boost the metabolism. Of course, there are a number of other supplements on pharmacy shelves which claim to do the same. Green tea extract as well as proprietary mixes of chemicals are all available.

The popularity of taking raspberry ketones is because they’re supposedly a natural supplement. They taste good, and can be mixed with water or your favorite drink. Supposedly, when you take raspberry ketone pills or the extract, you’ll see a bump in the speed at which your body burns calories.

Do raspberry ketone pills work? Are they worth the money you’ll spend on them?

Wild Raspberry Ketone

Here’s what you need to know about wild raspberry ketones: they’ve never been tested. There have been exactly zero scientific studies, to date, on the efficacy of raspberry ketone pills or extracts.

Raspberry ketones are considered a generally safe product by the FDA. That is to say, they’re allowed to be included in food products for flavoring, or in supplements marketed for weight loss. But there’s absolutely no scientific research or evidence to say that the pills are effective.

The upside to raspberry ketones is that they’re wildly inexpensive. You can buy a month’s supply on Amazon or at Walmart for about $15. So there’s no real harm in taking raspberry ketones for weight loss.

The downside is that there’s no real proof that they work. Raspberry ketones reviews are mixed, with some saying that the pills work well. Others say they did nothing at all, that there was no benefit to the pills or the extract.

Do Keto Pills Work?

Here’s something else you need to know about raspberry ketones: they’re not made from raspberries. As mentioned, ketones are found in a variety of plants. To make raspberry ketone pills or extract from raspberries would be crazy expensive. It would require 90 pounds of raspberries to make just one dose of the supplement. Certainly not a sustainable business model.

Instead, the ketones you buy over the counter are synthetically made. In other words, you’re eating chemicals. Alternatively, you may be ingesting tree bark. Regardless of what your ketones are made from, you’re most certainly not eating a raspberry product.

Now, there’s nothing saying that chemical synthetics can’t work as a weight loss supplement. To the contrary, many weight loss pills are not inherently natural products, and many have been successful regardless. But if you’re looking for a natural weight loss supplement, keep looking.

Despite their chemical composition, do keto pills work? Again, no studies have been conducted. And the reviews are so varied that it’s hard to say. Reviews claim that the pills are easy on the stomach and they taste good. Some reviewers state that they’ve seen a difference in weight loss. Others say that the pills didn’t help at all.

Best Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone Pills Review

If you’re determined to try raspberry ketone pills as a dietary supplement, youll probably want to know which is the best. The best raspberry ketone, according to reviews, is Raspberry Ketone Plus. The supplement combines ketones with apple cider vinegar and green tea. Both additives are thought to enhance weight loss.

People who used Raspberry Ketone Plus say that the pills were easy to take and that they didn’t suffer any heartburn after taking them. They noticed a bit of difference in their energy level – perhaps an effect of a boosted metabolism.

Overall, though, the most successful weight loss was in conjunction with a healthy diet and a good amount of exercise.

Raspberry Ketone Reviews

Raspberry ketone reviews aren’t hard to come by. It’s an inexpensive supplement, and a great many people have tried it. We asked some of those people what they thought, and the reviews came back both positive and negative. However, there were no extremes. No one was exceptionally happy with the product, and no one hated it. Everyone seemed to be middle of the road.

One reviewer said that she was disappointed in her lack of success with raspberry ketone pills. Apparently, back in 2012, “Dr. Oz” did a segment on the pills, and touted them as the next great weight loss miracle. Of course, when Dr. Oz’s segments (aka thinly veiled infomercials) air, the world listen. And invariably, everyone is disappointed.

Another claimed that raspberry ketones were the perfect product if you wanted to “burp plastic raspberry” all day. Not a five star review from that user, either.

In short, there’s really nothing to lose by taking raspberry ketones. You’ll only be out about $15 bucks, and if they work for you, great! If not, you can join the masses of the “meh” raspberry ketone reviews.

With that said, the search continues for the perfect weight loss miracle pill. Raspberry ketones aren’t it; at best they’re a flavorful addition to your adult drink.