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Best Prohormones (Reviews: Worst, Legal Status and More) 

Prohormone Reviews

Here on You Reviews, we’ve reviewed a lot of supplements which are meant to help people looking to boost their workout routine. Over the past few decades, trends have come and gone. Some supplements have proven invaluable and others have been banned by the FDA. Prohormones are supplements we’ve gotten a lot of questions about, for exactly that reason.

In 2014, President Obama signed the Designer Steroid Control Act, which changed the way prohormones were sold and distributed. But some are still legal! If you’ve heard about prohormones, and what they can do for your workout, read on to find out the best legal prohormones.

What are Prohormones Supplements?

Simply put, prohormones are steroids. They’re usually sold in pill form, and they’re said to boost your testosterone levels. Men who have used them say that their workouts are more intense, as is their focus. They say that their sex drive is increased, and that they’ve seen hugely positive results in bulking and gaining muscle mass. Sometimes those results are very fast.

But are they safe? Are they the best way to bulk up and to make the most of your time in the gym? Let’s look at the supplements and what they do for – and to – your body.

Legal Prohormones

As mentioned, prohormones are a steroid. And they were banned for two reasons. The first was political – there were many big drug and supplement companies which lobbied against the supplements. In short, they worked and were very effective. More effective than some of the less potent supplements these companies were selling.

Secondly, however, prohormones were banned for safety reasons. They FDA passed control of prohormones to the DEA. There was no grace period; once the law was signed into effect they became immediately illegal for possession and sale.

Health and fitness supplements often make their way to the government’s ban list. We’ve talked about this before in our Synedrex and PhenRx reviews. Ephedra, for example, has been responsible for the deaths of many who used it. But what’s so dangerous about prohormones? Why were so many taken off the shelves?

Are Prohormones Safe?

Once again, prohormones are a steroid. They’re processed by the liver, and they disrupt your body’s natural hormonal balance. Prohormones will raise your blood pressure, raise the “bad cholesterol” in your body and can cause dizziness, headaches and hypertension. Those aren’t the symptoms you want when you’re in the weight room.

When steroids are prescribed for medical reasons, they’re taken alongside “cycle therapy” pills. Those pills help to counter the side effects of prohormones and steroids, and keep the body’s systems in check. Men who were taking the banned supplements often didn’t use any supplements to counter those effects.

So are prohormones safe? No, not the ones which were banned. Super DMZ, Dimethazine, Tren and others were removed from the shelves because they were too likely to cause serious damage to men’s bodies. However, there are prohormones still on the market, supplements which are quite effective but don’t have the same negative effects.

Ready to learn about the best (legal) prohormones you can buy today? Here are the top prohormones for bulking up and improving your workout.  

Best Prohormones for Bulking (mass)

Best Prohormones

Of the supplements available legally today, one of the best prohormones for bulking is Descent. Descent is, most importantly, DEA compliant, and it’s gotten the best of the prohormones reviews. It’s best for building muscle mass and reducing body fat. Men who have used Descent also say that they noticed a big difference in their libido. It’s relatively inexpensive, at just over $1 per pill.

SUP3R-4 is another of the best prohormones for building mass. Men who used it saw increased testosterone in blood panels over the course of just a few weeks. But those who did review SUP3R-4 say they didn’t notice any marked change in their libido. The most noticeable difference these men noticed was a gain in strength. As a result, they felt their workouts were more effective.

Testo-Extreme Anabolic also received great reviews, and is one of the best prohormones for bulking up. The biggest difference the men who used it noticed was in their stamina. They were able to focus on their workouts and to lift longer. Testo-Extreme is a legal testosterone which increases protein synthesis.

Best Prohormones for Cutting

Men looking for the best prohormones for cutting turned most often to Erosion. It’s not specifically a testosterone – instead it’s an anti-estrogen supplement. Those who used it say that they saw a decrease in body fat and an increase in lean muscle gain. Men loved that they didn’t feel any side effects when taking the supplement, and that it was very inexpensive at around $30 for 90 capsules.

TTT also was ranked among the best prohormones for cutting. Again, those who used it didn’t complain of any side effects. The most popular benefit to TTT was that recovery time seemed to have been lessened. Men also noticed an increase in lean muscle gain within just a week or so.

Despite the lack of side effects, it may be important for you to take liver-supporting supplements before you begin a prohormone routine. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you take any supplement; you don’t want to risk your health with a supplement which may not be right for your body.  

Top Prohormones in 2017

When we asked for and researched prohormones reviews, the supplements above were listed as the best for bulking and cutting specifically. But what were the top prohormones in 2017 by sales? Here are the 3 prohormones which sold the most in 2017, and received the best reviews.


  1. Anafuse

Believe it or not, this is a botanical-based supplement. It got great reviews, and most men who bought Anafuse bought it again. 85% of men who used it reported muscle gain, and only about 5% of those who bought it experienced side effects.


  1. Tri Andro

Tri Andro ranks second on the list of top prohormones in 2017. Around 96% of men who used it saw an increase in muscle. The side effects were higher with this prohormone, though. Almost 40% experienced headaches and dizziness when they used it.


  1. Super Mandro

Super Mandro was the top selling prohormone in 2017. Men who took the supplement saw great results; 94% saw lean muscle gain and few side effects. Those who did experience side effects said that they’d felt lethargic. Taking an estrogen blocker helped with that lethargy. Users also recommended a joint health supplement.