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Product Reviews (Fitness Equipment, Lifestyle Essentials and More)

There are so many products out there and these days more and more consumers are shopping online. This means that they don’t get to see and feel the thing they order in the flesh. They don’t get hands-on, which means they lack a major part of the retail experience. But here at You-Reviews we aim to provide a solution to that problem.

Our goal is to test these products for you and to provide honest reviews when we do. There are too many reviews out there that are either fake, irrelevant, or have a hidden agenda. It’s hard to know what is real and what is not, and that means that you don’t know who to trust. Of course, you may not trust our word either, but you only need to look at our many reviews, from MacKeeper and BeNaughty to Livlean and more, to see that we’re always honest, even if it means we have to be a little unkind.

This section of the You-Reviews website covers product reviews across a huge range. This is where we get hold of everything from fitness equipment to mattresses, beauty products and more and try them before you buy them. We’re your guinea pigs. But don’t worry about us, we love what we do! If you are ready to see what products we have reviewed, just take a look at the drop-down menu above, to learn a little more, keep reading

Can You Trust All Product Reviews Online?

The problem with many product reviews is that the retailer wants them to be there and they need them to be positive. These days many retail websites have some form of user-review system, whereby they allow you to review a product and then to post your review. Many of these are legitimate, but some will delete the bad reviews. After all, bad reviews means the product doesn’t sell, which means they don’t profit from it and the manufacturer won’t be happy with them selling it.

Then you have affiliate reviews. These reviews are there solely to promote a product so that you will buy it. When you click the link they have available and then buy the product, the site will earn commission.

Think of them like used car salesmen, with the website and the reviews being the car-lot. They didn’t make the car, but they earn if you buy it, so they talk it up, tell a few white lies and do all they can to get you to buy. These sites are ten a penny these days and they are getting harder to spot.

Here at You-Reviews we operate in a similar way, but with a crucial difference. You’ll notice that when our articles first go live, there are no affiliate links. That’s because we give the products to our reviewers, they test them, they review them and then we post them. If those reviews get a lot of response and are positive, we then look to link to that product, if not, we link to a similar one. If readers show no interest in the review, we don’t do anything.

This system means that a good review helps to fund the site as much as a bad review, which allows us to be honest. And when we’re honest, then you get the advice you need.