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Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel Reviews: Do These Products Work?

Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel Reviews

Here at You Reviews, we’re a pretty bunch. We have the whitest teeth, the shiniest hair and the most wrinkle-free skin you’ve ever seen. It’s all in the name of bringing the most honest reviews to you, of course.

As a part of our continuing quest for honest assessments (it has nothing to do with vanity, we promise!) of health and beauty products, we decided to give Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel a try. We used it ourselves, and rounded up a few Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel reviews from other users. Here’s what we found out.

Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel Reviews: Skin Care Products

You’ve probably used one of the many blackhead removal products that are on the market today. If you haven’t used them, you’ve certainly seen them. There are pore strips, exfoliating cleansers and masks as well as little metal tools which could have been borne in the Middle Ages. Each of these products is designed to remove those tiny black spots from your face: blackheads.

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First things first, what’s a blackhead? In a few words, a blackhead is a clump of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells become trapped in your pores with a protective oil called sebum. Blackheads appear a darker color than your skin because of the presence of melanin (not to be confused with melatonin).

Blackheads can be a sign of mild acne, but they’re not necessarily associated with the skin disorder. In fact, blackheads are perfectly harmless and will go away on their own.

However, some people have larger pores than others, and blackheads can be unsightly to some. Those people choose to remove blackheads using scrubs, creams and strips, and as a result of blackhead removal, skin may look younger and brighter.

Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel reviews vary from person to person, so we decided to try the product ourselves. We had tried other products in the past, but hadn’t ever given a dissolving gel a shot. Read on to see what we think.

Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel Reviews: The Product

Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel Review

Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel contains several ingredients. The first of these is salicylic acid. Now, don’t be alarmed, salicylic acid won’t burn your face and cause you to look like the Joker. Instead, it’s an anti-inflammatory chemical which is most commonly used in skin care products. It also has antibacterial and drying effects, which can help to clear up acne.

Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel also contains lactic acid. Again, we wouldn’t have smeared the gel on our faces if it were dangerous. Lactic acid naturally occurs in your body, and is sometimes used in cleansing products.

The gel contains three “calming” ingredients: bisabolol, shea butter and aloe vera. Basically, these are moisturizers for your skin. And finally, Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel contains Green Tea extract, which is thought to act as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are thought to remove harmful toxins from your skin.

Our Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel reviews aren’t meant to focus on any of these ingredients singly. Instead, we mean to discuss just the efficacy of the product. Did it remove blackheads, as promised? Do other Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel reviews claim that it worked for them as well?

As we stated, we’ve tried a number of blackhead removal products. Our favorites, by far, are the pore strips. There’s something strangely satisfying about peeling a strip from your face and literally seeing the blackheads which were previously embedded in your skin. Don’t judge. But again, in the interest of keeping you informed, we gave the gel a shot.

Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel: The Pros

We got our little tubes of Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel via Amazon, and when we received them we immediately opened them. The tubes contained 1 ounce of product each. That doesn’t sound like much, but a little bit goes a long way.

Immediately, we rushed to the bathroom. Opening the tubes, the first thing we noticed was the smell. Usually products like these will have a chemical smell, but this was different; it had a pleasant scent to it. It did have a bit of a tacky feel to it, like watered down Elmer’s glue, but that was just a minor observation.

After the first use, we didn’t see any remarkable difference. Our skin felt better – a bit smoother – but there was no visible difference in appearance. However, after continued use for several days, we began to see a difference in our pores, particularly on our noses.

In the Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel reviews we read before trying the gel, we discovered that several users weren’t impressed by the product. It’s our honest opinion that had they continued use of the gel, they’d likely have noticed more remarkable results. This isn’t a one-time use type of product.

Overall, it worked great, and it seems that the more you use it (daily is recommended) the cleaner your pores will become. As a result, your pores will look smaller, and your skin look better.

Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel: The Cons

Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel

We at You Reviews are always willing to try new things. Sometimes those things work, and you never know unless you try, right? We were very satisfied with the way that Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel cleaned our skin, particularly after we’d used it for a while.

We were exited to try it after reading many Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel reviews, and weren’t disappointed. But there are a few things we’d change about the gel. The first of these is the price. As we stated before, salicylic acid is really no big deal. It’s found in most face washes, from Neutrogena to store brand. It’s just proven fact that it’s an effective cleanser, and OTC brands cost a fraction of the cost of Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel.

The other ingredients aren’t much to speak of, either. The benefit to the green tea is the biggest we could find, but there are lotions and other products which contain green tea extract. Again, they cost a fraction of this gel.

But there’s something about the tried and true. The pore strips worked for us, with immediate and tangible, visible results. Those strips, in concert with a healthy skin care routine, were perfect for us.

Did we love Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel? Yes! The scent, the feel and the results were all great! But would we buy Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel again? Probably not. There are other alternatives which work just as well, and cost far less than this product.