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Privacy Policy

This page outlines the privacy policies of You-Reviews, detailing terms that impact on the users of this site.

Your Information

You-Reviews is a review site dedicated to providing reviews, opinions, and nothing else. We do not sell a product and we do not offer a service. There is no e-commerce system on this site and we also do not have any need to collect other, non-financial sensitive information from our readers.

However, there are times when we will ask for details such as your name and your email address. You will be requested the leave this information when you use our contact page and you will also be requested to leave this info, along with a sample of your written work, when you submit an application to our Write For Us page.

Additional information about all users will be collected through Google analytics, which is an automated and industry standard program that is of no risk to the users of this site.

Why We Collect Your Information

We ask for your information out of necessity. If you contact us, for instance, then we request that you leave an email address and a name so that we can reply and know who we are addressing that reply to. If you apply to write for us then we request the same information for the same reasons, this time replying only if we have decided to accept you as a You-Reviews writer.

When you submit such an application we also request a short bio and a sample of your work so that we can better understand you and your capabilities. As for the analytics, this is collected to give the owners of You-Reviews an idea of who is using the site and what they are doing when they use it. This then helps us to grow the website by focusing on the areas that we know are working and letting go of the ones that are not.

How We Keep Your Information Safe

You-Reviews uses an SSL certificate. This is rare for a content site such as this as it is not deemed necessary. But we wanted to add an extra layer of security and a little more peace of mind. As a result, even when you’re using a simple contact form, you know that your data is encrypted and that everything you send will safely arrive where it is supposed to arrive.

All contact emails will be routed to two different users, both of which represent You-Reviews at the highest level. They will choose to respond and reply, to delete, or to store, depending on the nature of the email. At no point will these messages be accessible to anyone else, neither inside nor outside of the organization. When they are not needed, they will simply be deleted, and you can also request an early deletion if you don’t want your information to linger on our system.

The Promise we Make

At You-Reviews we respect the security and the privacy of all of our users. That’s why we installed the SSL certificate, it’s why we make sure your emails can only be read by a select few and it’s why we endeavor to secure your correspondence even though we’re only dealing with names and email addresses.

At no point will this information be sold, leased, traded or given away. It will remain secure until which point we decide to delete it or are instructed by you to do so. If you wish to contact us then you may do so in the strictest confidence, and that will never change for as long as the You-Reviews website is active.


You-Reviews affiliates with e-commerce websites, through which users can buy the products that are being advertised. We may also affiliate with sites that offer a service we review. These affiliations occur whether our reviews are good or bad and we try to separate the process of reviewing and affiliating.

In all cases though, these affiliations do not extend beyond a financial contract whereby the owners of You-Reviews are rewarded every time a reader clicks on a link, purchases a product and/or signs up for a service. The owners of You-Reviews do not have access to the accounts, the customer service department or any other part of these affiliates. As a result, we can not be held responsible for anything that happens as a result of a user leaving this site for one of our affiliates.

The privacy policies listed here also pertain only to You-Reviews and not to any of these affiliates. As a result, any readers leaving this site for an affiliate is advised to seek out their privacy policies and their terms to gain a better understanding of how they operate.


We do use cookies here on You-Reviews. Like most content sites, we believe that they help to make the experience better for our readers. Cookies are perfectly safe and are used to provide a link between the website and the reader. This link allows the site to tell the reader which pages they have visited, which in turn means they can avoid visiting the same pages again and can better navigate their way through the website.

Consent and Changes

Anyone who uses the You-Reviews website is automatically giving their consent for these policies. If you are tasked with doing anything such as contacting us, writing for us or anything else that would require you to actually submit personal details, then you will be directed here.

Consent continues to be implied if you continue to use the You-Reviews website. In the event that we need to make changes to these policies, whether because we are introducing a new policy or making tweaks to previous ones, we reserve the right to do so without prior warning. If you continue to use the site after these changes have taken place then your consent continues to be implied.

If you wish to contact us regarding any of these changes or the terms discussed herein in general, then you may do so on out Contact Page.