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Plenty of Fish Reviews: Free Dating Site Reviewed (Best or Worst?)

plenty of fish reviews

We’ve talked about a few dating sites here on You Reviews. Some are scams – okay, most are scams – but some are not. So what about Plenty of Fish Reviews? How does this dating service compare to the others? Read on to find out what people have to say in their Plenty of Fish Reviews.

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Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is yet another dating service. It would seem that the internet is becoming one big dating service, in fact. Some services are paid, others are free. All promise that you’ll find the love of your life, your dream partner.

Plenty of Fish offers a free service to those looking to find their match. It works in the same way as other match sites, in that you’ll fill out a profile, scroll through potential matches, and connect with the ones you like.

The dating service, like most others, is localized to your area, though it does cover expanded regions. For example, if you live in Chicago, your matches may include people from River Grove or the outskirts of the city.

So what are others saying about the Plenty of Fish website, and the service it’s said to provide? Let’s peek at a few Plenty of Fish reviews from around the web, and see if anyone’s found their soul mate.

Plenty of Fish Reviews

There are a lot of positives to the Plenty of Fish service. First of all, it’s free. It’s actually free. There are websites like Match.com which advertise that they’re free, then charge you an arm and a leg to send a message to a prospective date. Ridiculous charges were one of the biggest problems we had with Tawkify, in fact.

Plenty of Fish will offer you the opportunity to create a stellar profile, and add your picture. You’ll tell the app what you’re looking for. There are facets of a personality that you may find more interesting, or more important. For example, it may be critical for your date to be Jewish, but you don’t care how tall she is. Let the website know.

Setup doesn’t take long, and then you’ll be able to view your matches. If someone wants to connect with you, you’ll receive a message from them. Likewise, if you want to connect, you’ll send a message. You’re not charged for messages.

Plenty of Fish, unlike some other sites, does allow you to exchange contact information. You won’t be banned from the site for providing your personal email address or your Kik ID.

As with any website, there are paid features that you can use. Plenty of Fish reviews are pretty much agreed, though, you won’t need to use the paid services to get a date. What’s best is that there are oodles of people who use the site. It’s a well-known dating website so you’ll have a lot of prospective matches.

Plenty of Fish – What Doesn’t Work?

plenty of fish review

It’s precisely because there are so many users on the site that Plenty of Fish reviews sometimes related a few negatives. The site is easy to navigate and easy to search. But you’ll be weeding through matches for hours. Many people who used Plenty of Fish were overwhelmed.

There are no chatrooms on the Plenty of Fish website. This was also listed as a “con” in some of the Plenty of Fish reviews. It’s very convenient when a website allows users to chat right onsite, and POF doesn’t offer this option. However, as stated, it’s easy to exchange contact info, so you can easily bring your chat elsewhere.

The algorithm that Plenty of Fish uses to match users is very basic. Dating websites are like a spectrum. On the one end, you’ve got the (scammy) Tawkify, which promises that real people will personally match you with the love of your life. On the other hand, there’s – well – Craigslist dating ads.

Somewhere in the middle is Plenty of Fish. The site relies heavily on very basic information to match users: age, sex, location. In that regard, you’ll be doing a lot of work to find your mate.

Overall, though, there weren’t too many negative Plenty of Fish reviews. People who used the service generally found about a half dozen people they connected with. We don’t know about the veracity of the “success stories” posted on the POF website, but we’re sure some pair, somewhere, found their bride or groom on the site.

Should You Sign Up For Plenty of Fish?

pof reviews

If you’ve got a little time on your hands, go ahead and sign up for the website. It’s a legit website, and it won’t bombard you every 43 seconds to enter your credit card information. The site is heavily used by people who are looking to find a match, and your perfect match might be on the site.

Be prepared for your inbox to get flooded. And don’t expect all of your messages to be from viable candidates, either. For fun, we signed up for the site, posted a profile picture of one of our beautiful staff members, and waited for results. We definitely got them. There were a few men who were well out of our age range (by 20 years), a few who were heavy smokers, and a few stragglers who didn’t even live in the same country as we’d requested.

That said, though, we did get quite a few “hits” from honest, nice people. Unfortunately, we had to let them down, but that’s another benefit to the service. You’re not required to exchange personal information, and if someone gives you the heebie jeebies, you can block them.

Looking for the love of your life? Go on. Give Plenty of Fish a shot. You may or may not find your perfect match, but it’s a free way to try. And it certainly beats the heck out of posting an ad on Craigslist. Be safe, have fun, and good luck!