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MyPurMist Reviews: Does it Work, Is It Any Good? (HONEST REVIEW)

MyPurMist Reviews

MyPurMist reviews aren’t hard to find. In fact, if you suffer from allergies and sinus troubles like about six billion other people (okay, that might be an exaggeration), then you’ve probably seen MyPurMist reviews before.

So what is MyPurMist, and does it work? Why would you buy something like MyPurMist when, well, they make medicine for that? Let’s look at MyPurMist reviews from around the web, and see what all the hype is about.

What is MyPurMist?

MyPurMist is a “personal steam inhaler and vaporizer.” You can take that to mean what you like, but the essence of it is that it’s a handheld device. The device was a mask which you hold to your face, and you’re rewarded with a misty gush of vaporized air.

The MyPurMist device is medication-free, and that has a few implications. In fact, before we look at MyPurMist reviews, let’s look a bit at the alternatives to a device like this one.

First of all, you’ve likely heard of, or even used, Vicks VaporRub. That’s the stuff that smells like grandma. You can put it under your nose, or for best results you’re meant to rub it on your chest. The menthol clears nasal passages, and is said to clear sinuses as well.

Secondly, you could use a product like Navage Nose Cleaner. This is like a neti pot for your nose, and literally rinses your sinuses. This method can be uncomfortable for some, though. Additionally, they may not work well if you already have sinus and nasal blockage.

Thirdly, you could opt to use a humidifier. Humidifiers will add moisture to the air, and can be effective in assisting your breathing. Drops of essential oils can be added to the water, further helping your respiration.

Alternatively, you can stick with natural supplements. Green tea, or any kind of caffeine, is shown to improve respiratory circulation. There are other over the counter drugs on the market which are simple and effective ways to eliminate headaches and sinus pressures.

Finally, and most akin to the MyPurMist product, is holding your head over a pot of steam. It is, by far, the most cost effective way of cleaning your nasal passages. Of course, you’ve got to be careful. You know, because steam burns.

MyPurMist Reviews: The Good

MyPurMist Review

Instead of opting for one of these more conventional methods, we decided to give the MyPurMist device a shot. We’ve got a few observations about it, and we also asked readers for their MyPurMist reviews.

To begin, the device is relatively small. We like that it’s handheld, and you can carry it with you. Can you imagine trying to carry a humidifier wherever you go? The MyPurMist inhaler is very portable.

You can use the MyPurMist in two ways. You can either hold it up to your face, using the mask provided. Or you can set it in the neoprene holder for more hands-free operation. Either seems to have the same results; again, it’s very similar to setting a boiling pot of water on the stove.

We very much like the fact that no medications are required to use the MyPurMist inhaler. MyPurMist reviews seemed to echo this sentiment, with some users claiming that the menthol and peppermint products on the market would make them nauseous. Others complained of headaches, and MyPurMist caused neither.

Finally, there is a whole lineup of accessories you can use with the MyPurMist. We didn’t try any of these out, but MyPurMist reviews all said good things about the hands-free neoprene strap and about the scented pods you can use with the inhaler.

Overall, the positive MyPurMist reviews claimed that the inhaler helped them to eliminate headaches. Others said that allergy symptoms disappeared, and a few said that sinus infections went away more quickly when they used the device.

MyPurMist Reviews: The Bad

Despite the positive MyPurMist reviews, there are also a few bad ones. One of the biggest complaints actually came from the You Reviews team: the thing is expensive! The basic model costs $150. If you need a replacement mask, that’s an additional $10. The hands-free accessory costs $20. And if you want to use the scent pads, they’re over $1 each.

As noted, there were many reviews that said the MyPurMist inhaler worked great… until it didn’t. A majority of people who used the inhaler said that the device just plain quit after about a month of use. Some users purchased a replacement, but that replacement did the same.

We mentioned a similar problem with the Illumask, and can’t help but wonder if this is by design. Perhaps these companies have devised a way to make their products quit working, so that a replacement will have to be bought. Or maybe we’re just conspiracy theorists.

The product does come with a one year warranty, but most who attempted to take advantage of it found that they were unable to. Usually this was because they’d bought the product on Amazon or another third party retail site. If you do decide to purchase the MyPurMist inhaler, be careful to read the terms of the warranty.

Overall, reviews for MyPurMist were average. The device seemed to work okay for most people, but then it stopped working entirely. So what do we have to say about MyPurMist?

MyPurMist Reviews: Is it Worth It?

MyPurMist Scam

Not really, no. There are many ways to clear your sinuses and assist with allergy symptom relief. Heck, even a hot shower can deliver the same effects as the MyPurMist inhaler, and you get clean in the process.

According to MyPurMist reviews and our own experience, you’d do just as well boiling a pot of water on the stove as you would using this inhaler. For the price, we don’t find that it’s worth it. Particularly since most who used the device claim that it stopped working after a month of use anyway.

Go take a hot shower, drink some green tea, or hold your head over a pot of hot water. You’ll get the same effect as the MyPurMist, and you’ll save a whole lot of money in the process.