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MediFast Reviews: Is It Worth it? (Scam or Not? Prices and More)

MediFast Reviews

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could eat six meals per day and still lose weight? That’s what Medifast claims. We like to review health, fitness and lifestyle products here on You Reviews, and you’ve asked us for our Medifast reviews.

Medifast is yet another diet program which advertises great results in a short amount of time. But does it work? Has anyone had success on the Medifast program? Here’s what Medifast reviews are saying.

The Medifast Plan

Medifast has been around for a while. The program was started in 1980, making it almost 40 years old. It’s a program similar to the old Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. You’ll buy meals from the company, including some weight loss shakes. If you follow the plan, the company says you can lose weight in a healthy way.

Medifast offers bars, shakes and meals, all of which are interchangeable. Want a candy bar for breakfast? A shake for supper? Medifast has a meal for you. The proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients in the products are supposedly optimized and balanced to work with the nutritional needs of someone on a weight loss program, and the Medifast plan itself is customizable. You’ll choose a plan which fits your weight loss goals.

But does the program work? Can you really lose weight by drinking milkshakes all day? Let’s take a peek at Medifast reviews, and see what others have said about the products.

Medifast Reviews

Medifast works in two ways. The first way is that you buy the products online. They’re shipped to you and you follow the plan that’s been “created” for you. The second way is to visit a Medifast center. There are locations scattered across the United States, and there’s likely one within about 60 miles of you.

To buy shakes online or through a distributor, there’s no real limit to the weight you want to lose. You can be 100 pounds overweight or 20. You’ll still have access to the program. If you choose to visit a center, you must be at least 30 pounds overweight in order to enroll. Whichever you choose, Medifast claims that it’s safe for weight loss of between 15 and 120 pounds, sometimes more.

Back in 2012, Medifast came under legal fire. The company claimed that dieters would lose between 2 to 5 pounds per week, but had no evidence to substantiate that claim. As a result, the company was sued and forced to pay a $3.7 million fine. They didn’t admit guilt.

Despite the legal trouble, Medifast still exists today. And Medifast reviews are largely good. Those who have followed the program have experienced weight loss in some capacity, though few as much as the ads claim.

Aside from the weight loss, there are other factors listed in Medifast reviews. These include the cost of the program and the taste of the food. Let’s look at what people are saying about the good and the bad aspects of this diet program.

Positive Medifast Reviews

One woman from North Carolina claimed that she was able to lose 80 pounds prior to her eldest daughter’s wedding. She said that the meals were easy to plan and that the shakes were great to drink on the way to work or to run errands.

A man for Colorado said that he lost weight quickly with Medifast. Men typically lose weight faster than women, but this man claimed to have lost 4 pounds each week, meeting his 20 pound goal in just over a month. He, too, said the meals were easy to plan. He loved the taste of the bars, and said he felt full during the day.

These are just two examples of the Medifast reviews we received from those who’d used the program. The majority of the positive reviews were from those who used the plan in conjunction with a healthy exercise routine. They lost the most weight, and didn’t report feeling tired throughout the day.

But there were a number of negative Medifast reviews as well. Here’s what they said.

Negative Medifast Reviews

Medifast isn’t a cheap program, and the negative Medifast reviews reflected this. A 30-day weight loss plan will cost $300 plus shipping at the very least. Now, that may or may not be what you’re spending on groceries already. But remember that this is for just one person, and doesn’t include any necessary dietary supplements your doctor may recommend.

A lot of Medifast reviews said that they were turned off by the high cost of the program. But even more said they were turned off by the food itself. “Flavorless” and “oddly textured” were two adjectives used to describe both the food and the shakes, and despite the company’s attempts at variety, many dieters got bored. That boredom caused them to cheat on their plan, and they gained weight as a result.

Some of the positive Medifast reviews were mixed with negatives. A lot of people lost weight down to their goal, but then quickly gained weight back once they ended the plan. It’s been shown over and over again that the weight loss associated with shakes and bars isn’t sustainable. Doctors recommend a healthy eating plan instead of these diets, because you’ll be training yourself to make healthy choices. Shakes don’t do that.

Overall, most people lost weight on the Medifast plan, but those dieters weren’t without their complaints. Between the cost and the flavor of the food, not to mention the fact that most people gained weight back, Medifast didn’t work for everyone.

Is Medifast a Scam?

MediFast Scam

Medifast isn’t a scam. You’ll order products or visit a center, and will be provided with food and a plan to follow. Most people on the plan did, in fact, lose weight, though few kept those pounds off. It’s not a scam by any stretch, and if you’re looking for a short term solution for weight loss, Medifast may work for you. For example, try it if you’re losing weight for a wedding or a prom.

But overall, the Medifast reviews would leave us thinking that the plan would be better substituted by a healthy eating program and some good old-fashioned exercise.