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LastPass Reviews: Safety and More (Is it any Good?)

LastPass Reviews

Are you the type of person who can never remember your password? Yeah, well that’s us, too. It’s great to be able to have all your passwords stored on your computer, or on a browser. Your iPhone or Mac will take care of it too.

But what happens when you have to log on at work? The library? Your college campus? Are you screwed? We thought so, but then discovered that there are actually programs which can remember your passwords – even across machines.

LastPass reviews are easy to find on the web, but we want to give you our own experiences with the application as well. Here’s what we think about LastPass, and our recommendation on the service.

What’s LastPass?

 We here at You Reviews are part of a larger brand, and having about some zillion passwords is an occupational hazard. To make matters worse, they’re usually not passwords that we generate. Most are something along the lines of 24 characters long, case sensitive, containing letters, numbers and punctuation. For example:


Alright, who’s going to remember that? No one, that’s who. So LastPass is a lifesaver for us. It comes in a few flavors, and all are mandatory for it to work across devices. First, there’s an actual web page. On the website, you can create and change your LastPass password, delete and add passwords for third party sites, the works.

Then, there’s the plugin. It’s an extension for your browser. There’s one for everyone, whether you use Chrome, Firefox or are still in the 1990s using Internet Explorer. What this does is allow you to use your favorite browser wherever you go. Your passwords will be saved for you.

Finally, you can install LastPass onto your phone’s browser. It’ll work with both Android and iOS, and runs in the background as opposed to being an app you can see and “touch.”

The service is free, unless you choose the Premium service. Premium includes family sharing. So, say you want your wife to have access to the Freeflys account password but not the VidAngel password, you can set up controls. The Premium service costs $2 per month.

Alright, we’ll look at a few more features of LastPass as we go through the LastPass reviews. First, let’s talk about what’s good about the service.

LastPass Reviews: The Pros

LastPass Review

 There are so many good things we could say about LastPass. The service is free, which is always great. It’s ridiculously valuable, especially in our line of work. If you work anywhere that you have to manage multiple accounts, whether they be email addresses, WordPress sites or bank accounts, LastPass can save your hide, too. Need to have work-related apps installed on your phone to work on the go? You can do that.

Here’s another thing we like about LastPass, and LastPass reviews concur. That is that you don’t have to have a super complex password, like 4\s_Vt([f[Y<+p-0vk/), in order to make LastPass work. This is an app for people who forget passwords. We don’t need an ultra-long password just to access our passwords. You can sign up with something as simple as Ihaveg00dc4ts and be on your way.

Of course, we do recommend changing your password now and again. Just because it’s the right thing to do. IT security best practice, if you will. Keep your LastPass password in your glove box or something, and don’t tell anyone what it matches.

The sharing service is something we tried for a while. That’s on the paid version of LastPass. We didn’t find it altogether useful. There are plenty of services which will do that for free, like Google Drive and OneDrive. If push comes to shove, you and your wife can just each sign up for a free account.

Finally, there’s one more cool feature on both the paid and free versions. That is the emergency access tab. If you know you’re just too thick headed to remember your LastPass password, you can designate someone you trust to gain access. The only catch is that they’ve got to have LastPass, too.

Alright. On to the negatives.

LastPass Reviews: The Cons

 If we’re being honest, we couldn’t think of anything negative to say about LastPass. So we searched the web for LastPass reviews, and sponsored a few surveys of our own. Here’s what others had to say about the service.

The biggest complaint of negative LastPass reviews was billing and refund procedure. There were people who had signed up for a Premium account, paid a year in advance, then decided they no longer wanted the service. They had difficulty getting their money back.

Another complaint in LastPass reviews was about a seemingly arbitrary service – credit monitoring. LastPass has rolled out a credit monitoring service in both paid and free versions. Now, far be it to judge anyone for trying it, but we declined the service. We’d rather use credit monitoring through a credit company. At any rate, complaints stated that the monitoring wasn’t accurate.

And finally, there were complaints about the LastPass popup. Some customers thought that the password storage prompt disappeared too quickly for their liking, not giving them time to opt in to password storage. However, users can log into the website to update that information as well as clicking the pop up. It’s a few steps longer, but works just the same.

LastPass Reviews: Is it Worth It?

LastPass Scam
Yes, yes, and yes again. If you have any type of passwords to keep track of, we strongly recommend LastPass. The site is secure, and it’s easy to navigate. You can access it anywhere, whether you’re on vacation, in a new office or just using a friend’s computer.

It really is best practice to change your password frequently, We do that often, and LastPass has been a lifesaver. We’ve never had the first spam email from the system, never been sent a phishing scam, and we’ve never experienced and trouble with installation or log in. A vast majority of LastPass reviews online agree: you may not, but LastPass will remember when you change your password from 4\s_V!KAyVCmtp-vk/) to XV#5Xse)_pK]2hRW. We highly recommend it.