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Ipsy Reviews: Makeup on a Budget, But is it a Scam or Not?

Ipsy Reviews

How much money do you spend on makeup each month? Sure, some of you have tried and true colors that you don’t stray from. But what about trying new looks, colors or brands?

What if you could get five new products each month for under ten bucks? That’s what Ipsy gives you. It’s a subscription makeup service, offering full sized beauty products delivered to you with free shipping.

So what are the Ipsy reviews saying? Is it worth the money? Are customers getting useful products, or are most of them tossed in the trash? Let’s look at what the Ipsy reviews are saying.

Ipsy Makeup Subscription

There are dozens of subscription services on the market now. From family meals to diet plans even to clothing services.

Ipsy wasn’t the first subscription service, but it’s the most well known makeup sucscription service. It’s been around since 2011, and the owners claim that the goal of Ipsy is to “democratize beauty, making it accessible and affordable for everyone and fearlessly representing individuality and inclusivity.” That’s a direct quote from the company website.

To sign up for Ipsy, you’ll answer questions about your preferences. You’ll tell them your skin type, your skin tone, your eye and hair color and your cosmetic color preferences. You’ll also let Ipsy know what kinds of makeup you prefer. For example, if you don’t use concealer, you won’t have to select it.

The Ipsy subscription costs $10 per month, and you’ll receive five full or deluxe sized products. If you decide to pay for a year up front, it’s a little cheaper at $110 annually.

Alright, so what are people saying about the Ipsy makeup subscription? Here’s what the Ipsy reviews say.

Ipsy Reviews: Scam or Not?

Subscription services have gotten a reputation over the years. Remember those music and video services which would send you ten free items, then automatically charge you each month for products you didn’t order?

Ipsy reviews say that with the service, you always know what you’re being billed for. The ten dollars is deducted from their account each month, and no one complained of any weird charges on their statement.

The makeup itself came with mixed reviews. Of the five products in each bag, most customers said that they’d used about 3 to 4. But, they said, that’s kind of the point of the service. They liked being able to try new things, and even if they didn’t use a product, they could pass it along to a friend.

The brands in the “Glam Bag” were impressive, too. Marc Anthony, Urban Decay, Meech and Mia and Luna were among brands mentioned. The value of the products justified the $10 cost, too. For example, the full size Pink Pewter Shampoo included in one Glam Bag retails for $13.

So is Ipsy a scam? No. Ipsy reviews were, for the most part, positive. There were exceptions, of course. Let’s see what the negative Ipsy reviews complained about.

Negative Ipsy Reviews

Ipsy Review

While Ipsy reviews were mostly negative, there were a few people who cancelled their service.

One woman said that she had no problem with the quality of the products in Ipsy Glam bags, but that she continued to get the same things over and over again. This could be a positive for some – if you like a product, you can get it cheap! But most Ipsy customers like to try new things.

Another woman said that the makeup in her Ipsy glam bag was spilled when she received it. She contacted customer service, who she said was “very rude.” She cancelled her subscription and never looked back.

Another Ipsy review said that the company continued to send her nail polish and skin care products, despite her updating her preferences. She said that she didn’t want polish, as she visited a salon, and the skin care samples weren’t enough for her to determine whether they worked.

One more customer said that she cancelled because she’d rather visit the Ulta store and pick up free samples from the counter. (We’re wondering how that’s going to work out for her.)

Overall, the complaints listed in Ipsy reviews weren’t necessarily about the quality of products in the bag. Instead, they were in reference to customer service and variety of those products.

Should You Get an Ipsy Subscription?

Ipsy is one of those services that may work for you and may not. But you can cancel at any time, and we think that it might be worth it for you to try it out.

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ll visit the drug store or department store, buy a product, hate it, and toss it in the trash. That’s not only expensive, but it’s also very wasteful.

Why not subscribe to Ipsy for a few months and see what kind of products you get? If you don’t like them, you can always give them to a friend to try. Then wiggle around your preferences on the website, and see what you get the next couple months.

If you’re not too familiar with makeup, Ipsy may be a good choice for you as well. You can learn about, for instance, highlighter and bronzer, and maybe decide which specific cosmetics look good on you.

If you’re particular about the brands you’ll use, you might want to skip the Ipsy subscription. You’ll never know what you’re going to get in your Glam Bag. If you usually use Clinique products, you’ll probably be pretty disappointed with the Rimmel primer you get in your bag.

There are other makeup subscription services out there if Ipsy doesn’t work out for you. Boxycharm and Play by Sephora are just a couple of those. But Boxycharm is twice the monthly price of Ipsy, and Sephora is limited to, of course, Sephora.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to try new cosmetics products, we recommend you try Ipsy for a month or two. You have nothing to lose but that first ten dollars.