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HelloFresh Reviews: Should You Signup? (Honest Review from Subscribers)

hellofresh reviews

Are you sick of trying to decide what to make for supper every night? Tired of Taco Tuesday, and want to do better for your family? There are certainly no lack of online meal planners and recipe databases available.

But recently, there’s a new trend in home cooking that’s emerged. Companies will send you boxes of ingredients, enough for a family of 2 to 4 people. All you’ve got to do is toss the ingredients in a pan.

HelloFresh is one of these companies, and it’s joined by others like Blue Apron, Plated and Green Chef. We may check out the others at another time. But you’ve asked for HelloFresh reviews. Here they are!

What is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh advertises itself as a “curated box” of food, delivered to your door complete with preparations for instructions. In other words, someone chooses the ingredients and you heat them up. Everything you need for your meal is included in the box, including the nutritional information.

Everyone’s busy these days. People work late, kids have soccer and gymnastics, and don’t forget about that PTA meeting! It’s so easy to order Domino’s, why wouldn’t you? HelloFresh and its competitors are meant to be a cure for the common pizza.

What’s better is that services like HelloFresh don’t even require you to go to the grocery store. Sure, you’ll have to pick up the occasional salt or pepper, but most of the ingredients are delivered to your home.

So is it worth it? What are the HelloFresh reviews saying about the service? Let’s see what people have said about the HelloFresh program, and if it’s something you would like for your own family.

HelloFresh Reviews

It’s our belief that everyone has a bit of chef in them. All you really need to make a passable meal is salt, pepper, and fresh ingredients. Oh, and garlic butter. Always garlic butter.

But you’ve heard them before: the people who say that they’d burn water before they boiled it. It’s those people who have created the majority of HelloFresh reviews. Maybe that’s because they’re most likely to use the service. Or maybe it’s because they’re the most impressed with their newly discovered culinary expertise.

Whatever the reason, the HelloFresh service has its place. There are, like you and us, a group of people who are doing what they can to feed their families healthy meals. We don’t all know how to cook. Those of you who do know how to cook may not have the time or energy.

HelloFresh reviews are on a spectrum, but that spectrum is short. Either people love it or they hate it. Those who love it say that it’s the best thing that’s happened to their family. Those who dislike HelloFresh think it’s a waste of money, and some of the reviews take on an arrogant undertone.

Let’s peek at some of the HelloFresh reviews from around the web – you’ll see what we mean.

The Positive HelloFresh Reviews

Here’s what the people who loved HelloFresh are saying:

As a single parent, HelloFresh meals are like an answer to my prayers! I can feed my kids fresh food, and it’s’ delivered right to my door!

HelloFresh has been a game changer! My husband and I work long hours, and we just don’t have the time to plan meals.

I’m so excited to see what’s in my HelloFresh crate every Monday! It’s always something different!

There are also HelloFresh reviews which mention the price of the product. There are several package levels you can choose with HelloFresh. First, you can choose classic, vegetarian or the family plan. The family plan includes 4 people and 3 meals per week. You’ll have that option with the veggie plan, too, but it’s slightly more expensive.

The price per serving is $10 each for the classic and vegetarian plans. It’s $8.74 per serving for the family plan. HelloFresh reviews say that that’s what they’d be paying for a meal in a restaurant.

The people who loved the service absolutely loved it. They’re self-proclaimed “dummies” in the kitchen, and think the service is a life-saver. But on the other end of the spectrum are the negative HelloFresh reviews.

The Negative HelloFresh Reviews

hellofresh review

The negative HelloFresh reviews are really, really negative. There were complaints about late shipments (admittedly problematic if you’re depending on it to feed your family). We found complaints about double charges. There were also complaints about lack of options. As the Southerners say, “Ya git what ya git and you don’t fuss a bit.”

We have to agree with that. One of the perks of being an adult is choosing what you’d like to eat for supper. With HelloFresh, that’s not an option. Hate green peppers? Tough. That’s supper, you’ll eat it or go hungry.

The price was also an issue with some negative HelloFresh reviews. Mind you, it’s not $10 per meal, it’s $10 per serving. For a family of four, that’s pricey. A lot of the positive reviews stated that it was less than they’d spend at a restaurant. True. But do you eat at a restaurant every night?

Here at You Reviews, we err on the side of cheap. Some of us have families, others of us are couples. None of us could say that we regularly spend $10 per serving on a home cooked meal that we didn’t have the ability to choose for ourselves. Most of us agreed that we’d be happier with peanut butter and jelly.

Finally, the portion sizes were an issue for some. If you’re eating healthy, you may prefer the smaller portions. But if you’ve got a family of 5, and you’re stretching the “family” plan (which includes 4 servings, you may end up with hungry people.

Is HelloFresh Worth It?

Meh. If you truly don’t think you can cook, you may be interested in HelloFresh. Try one of their trial offers and see what you think. But if you can fry an egg, you may do better to just crack one open.

Plans like HelloFresh certainly have their place. The program might work well for you. As for us, we’ll stick to our limited knowledge of all things culinary and save the money.