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Freeflys Reviews: Testing this Top Freebie Site Out for Ourselves

Freeflys Reviews

I came across Freeflys reviews while doing research for another site, and was curious. You see, I love free stuff. I don’t just love it, I look out for it and actively stalk free offers.

When I was about 8 years old, it began with a book titled Free Stuff for Kids, and pretty much went downhill from there. Since I have to be an adult now, I frequently research ways to get free stuff in the mail or online, under the guise of writing about it.

That having been said, I’ve done a lot of personal “research” on ways to get free stuff. I’ve found many, but Freeflys was new to me. I researched Freeflys reviews, then got to work on some first hand experience. Here’s what I found out.

What is Freeflys?

There are hundreds of websites advertising free stuff. From the websites which make you take surveys in exchange for pennies to the reviews sites which legitimately offer product samples, it’s hard to tell what’s what.

Freeflys is not a review site. You’ll have to answer a few questions, just to let the site know your interests. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to send cat food to a bird owner. But you won’t have page upon page of questions to answer.

If you’re familiar with free samples sites, Freeflys is pretty standard. When you first register, you’ll need to provide a bit of personal information. Your name, address and age are among them. Then, you’ll have to dredge through a series of “yes and no” questions regarding sponsored offers. My advice is just to select no to all of them. Doing otherwise will guarantee spam in your email inbox.

Once you’ve gotten through the boring part, though, Freeflys is easy to use. You’ll be presented with the name page, which features several offers right off the bat.

Now again, if you’ve used free sample sites before, you may be curious as to whether Freeflys actually delivers those samples as promised. Here’s what I think, and what the Freeflys reviews say.

Freeflys Reviews: The Cons

We usually start with the pros when we’re reviewing products, but it makes more sense to start with the cons in this case. First of all, one of the cons already mentioned was the influx of spam that the site will try to send you. There are sponsors and affiliates to the site which appear to be Freeflys offers. Upon further inspection, though, they’re separate entities.

Don’t fall for the trap of signing up for other offers. You’ll know the Freeflys offers when you see them – they’re directly posted to the site. Clicking “yes” to any of the offers you’ll be presented with during the signup phase is probably a bad idea.

Another con which was mentioned in Freeflys reviews is the fact that the offers are sometimes limited. That is to say, either the offers have expired or quantities have been depleted by the time you see them. You literally have to check the Freeflys site every single day.

As far as I could tell, there was no RSS feed or other way to subscribe to updates to the site. Checking the site daily is something I just don’t have time for, and I think the majority of Americans would agree. But if you’re dedicated, you can set aside time each morning.

Finally, the list of Freeflys samples isn’t very easily navigated. The samples are categorized, but once you click a category it’s a guessing game. For example, there’s currently listed an offer of “free pizza.” That’s all – that is the vague description. Clicking the link, I see that it’s for a chain that’s clear across the country. That’s 30 seconds I can never reclaim.

There are very few negatives to Freeflys reviews, though. Let’s look instead at the positives.

Freeflys Reviews: The Pros

The biggest pro listed in Freeflys reviews is that it’s legitimate. There have been no complaints (not public ones, anyway) to the site having sold information. What there have been, however, are reports of people actually receiving items in the mail.

Some of the products offered on Freeflys are digital. You’ll frequently see lists of free Kindle books, or for digital coupon codes. But the majority of Freeflys offers are for tangible items. You may have to input your address again, but Freeflys reviews have actually included pictures of the items received.

Tampons, formula, pet food and magazine subscriptions are listed on the site. Jewelry, skin care, hair care and vitamins (see Weight Loss Pills and Quadralean) are included as well. Now, it must be noted that sometimes the offers will take a little bit of work. You may be required to “like” a Facebook page, for example. And sometimes the offers are difficult to find.

Once you do find them, though, the offers are legitimate. Freeflys reviews have all been reassuring, and I experienced success myself. There is no limit to the number of samples you can request through the site; if there are still samples available, you may request them.

Freeflys Reviews: The Verdict

Freeflys Review

Alright. Freeflys reviews have been largely positive. That said, so has this review. But would we recommend the site to you, our dear You Reviews reader?

Maybe, maybe not. If you’re like most Americans, you don’t have a ton of time to be browsing through free offers. That’s particularly true when the offers aren’t very well categorized, like on Freeflys. Those of us who do have the time to do that might be better suited to another samples site.

The site is legitimate – it’s got that going for it. It’s easy to opt out of the spammy offers. Just click no. And Freeflys itself won’t inundate your inbox with spam (something we have discussed at length in our Scams section). You’ll rarely hear from them, in fact.

But there are much better sites out there. Going direct to the source, like Starbucks or Neutrogena, for example, will net you better results than will Freeflys. And other sites exist, as well. I can personally attest to sites like Julies Freebies and others. These are updated regularly and have a big social media presence.

Join Freeflys if you like – you won’t be risking anything. Just realize that there are easier ways to score free samples of products. Freeflys should be considered as nothing more than a diversion when you should be adulting.

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