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FAQ (Questions, Answers About Sponsorship, Marketing, Guest Posts)


Do you have questions for the owners, writers and developers on You-Reviews? That’s what this Frequently Asked Questions page is for.

This page is an extension of our Contact Us page. The goal in creating it was to answer the questions that we receive on a regular basis and to put that information out there. That way, you may to need to contact us because the answer you seek could be here already. And if it’s not, then you can simply ask us directly. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Can I Write for You-Reviews?

You certainly can. To put in your application just pay a visit to our Write For Us page. There are a lot to guidelines to follow, but there is a reason for this. We want people who actually want to write, people who know us and our content, and not ones who are just spamming all sites they see.

If you read the guidelines and follow them (they are not demanding) then you will be pushed to the front of the line and you could be joining our team soon. If not, then there’s an equally good chance that your application will be ignored.

Can You Review my Product or Service?

Maybe. If it fits with the type of products and services that we usually review and we think it’s a good fit, then we’d be happy to take a look. We will need samples or free access so that we can hand them to our writers. We can also not promise that it will be a good review. We pride ourselves on honesty, even if it means that we have to give a negative review.

We also have very limited space and we typically only review the things that we ourselves are interested in, as well as the products and the services that everyone is talking about. In other words, we cover the things that people want to read about, and if your product is new, un-hyped and doesn’t have much of a following, then it may not fit the bill.

Can I Send you a Review?

There are times when we will happily take a look at guest posts, but we have to be very careful with this. As soon as we opened ourselves up to guest posts, we received a lot of “genuine” reviews that praise a new product or service. These reviews were obviously sent by representatives of the companies and they had nothing bad (or seemingly truthful) to say.

We rejected all of these and we continue to reject them. You might think that your new product is fantastic and you might genuinely believe this. But our goal is to stop the many reviews that are being published under the influence of big companies, so we can’t publish it.

If you have something for sale that fits within the demographic that we cover, then by all means get in touch. We offer sponsorship packages that might be of interest, as discussed below.

What Sponsorship do you Offer?

We are very particular about the ads that we accept on You-Reviews. For the first few months we didn’t have a single banner on the site and as we grew we continued to keep them to a minimum, mostly working with Google Adsense and other major providers. If you want to feature on one of these banners then get in touch with us and let us know what you want to promote, where you want to appear and what sort of budget you have.

In time you will receive a reply from one of our team who can offer you placements on the You-Reviews website and on other websites that are relevant to what you are advertising.

Why a Review Site?

Because everyone wants to see reviews before they commit to making a purchase. There are plenty of review sites out there, but there are issue with these. A lot of customers have lost faith in the reviews they see on retail sites. It’s not the fault of the retailers, but there have been issues with fake reviews, both the positive ones placed by the companies themselves and the negative ones placed by their rivals.

It’s not true for all reviews on all products, but when you know how big of a problem this is, how can you know which review pages to trust? Then you have the websites that offer reviews, most of which are affiliate websites. They are affiliated with the companies they are reviewing, which means it is in their best interests to praise them.

We make money via affiliates as well, but in most cases we don’t affiliate with companies we review. Instead, we affiliate with Amazon and other major retailers. That way, if they sell it and you like it, then we can show you where to buy it. If not, then we know you may still use our links to buy a rival product instead.

We also generate income through banner ads. These are created by third parties and they allow us to avoid the individual affiliate programs, which removes any potential bias that we may otherwise have.

Are Your Reviews Honest?

Of course! We wouldn’t have it any other way. We try our best to sympathize with the company offering a product or a service. We understand how easy it is to be labelled a scam online, even if you’re not actually scamming anyone. However, when we confirm that there is a scam taking place, we make sure we tell people about it.

At the same time, whenever we like a product, we give it the good review that it deserves. We’re critics, but we’re also users and our reviews combine both aspects while also looking at what others are saying about the product or service.

Who Owns You-Reviews?

We are owned by a small company that is run by a writer and a group of freelancers. There are many sister sites that cover different subjects and if you contact one of them then you may receive a response from the main company. We’re not a big multinational. We’re not even very big. Everything we do stems from a passion for quality content and not because of some kind of global online domination (although that would be nice).

You should also see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages as well as our About Us page to learn more about us.