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Fabletics Reviews: Subscription Service Tested and Reviewed for you

fabletics reviews

Athleisure.” Apparently that’s a thing now. Whereas women used to be mocked for wearing yoga pants in public, now Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is attempting to make it the hottest fashion trend.

Want to know more about the Fabletics subscription clothing service? Just want to know what the heck athleisure means? Read on to see what we learned about the company, and for Fabletics reviews.

What the … is Athleisure?

If you don’t wear yoga pants in public, you might not be familiar with the term “athleisure.” Athleisure defines pretty much any article of clothing which can both be worn in public and which doubles as exercise apparel. That’s the loose definition.

Are sweatpants considered athleisure wear? No. Would sweatpants which have been Bedazzled count as athleisure wear? Probably.

We’re not here to discuss the merits of athleisure clothes, though. What we’re here to talk about is Fabletics, which is a subscription service peddling – you guessed it – athleisure clothing.

Kate Hudson started Fabletics (pronounced with the emphasis on “fab,” not “fable”) in 2013. The goal was to provide women with clothing that they could wear to the gym or out which were comfortable, stylish and, well, had Kate Hudson’s name on them.

The result? A company with a valuation of over $250 million. And it’s only been around for about 4 years. Apparently athleisure which sports the name of an actress is big business in America.

There are a few brick and mortar locations in malls across the United States, but most sales are generated online. In the future, Fabletics plans to open more locations. But in the meantime, we’re only going to talk about Fabletics reviews of the online service.

How Does Fabletics Work?

Fabletics is a subscription service and an online retailer, both. People who want to just pop on to the website and buy a pair of leggings can do so. But Fabletics has a way to make you keep coming back for more.

Here’s how it works:

1. Regular, everyday muggles can purchase an outfit on Fabletics for about $100 a pop.
2. If you sign up for VIP membership, though, you’ll get it for $49.95. Plus, they’ll throw in free shipping.
3. Your first Fabletics order is discounted by half. That means you’ll get a Kate Hudson branded outfit for just $25! Yay, you!
4. Your credit card will be charged $49.95 every month, unless you die or cancel.
5. You can, theoretically, skip a month if you like. But who would want to do that, right?

Well, a few people did. Quite a few people tried to quit their Fabletics membership entirely, in fact. And some didn’t know there was a recurring fee at all.

We at You Reviews are all about that fine print. So after reading Fabletics reviews which were nothing short of scathing, we went to investigate for ourselves. And, fine print aside, we came to the conclusion that the site was misleading. (Not to mention just a bit annoying.)

Fabletics Reviews

The Fabletics website is a disaster. It’s difficult to navigate, and there’s very little said about the VIP membership, its cost or what it actually even is.

We went to take advantage of the VIP pricing on a t-shirt, and this is what we saw when we went to add it to our cart:


You see that? It looks like the “individual” option is greyed out. It’s not. You can select that option, but Fabletics would rather try to trick you into choosing the other. So we did. We chose the VIP, and went to checkout.

This is what we saw there:

Now, of course you’ll notice on the right hand side of the page, where the VIP membership information is outlined, and the orange checkmark displayed. Notice as well that there’s nothing in the actual order that says that you’re ordering a VIP membership.

Our eyes were on the order summary and total, and we’d bet money that a majority of customers’ eyes were on that info as well. Needless to say, a lot of people click “continue checkout” and don’t even notice that they’re subscribing to a program.

Negative Fabletics Reviews

We were hard pressed to come across a positive Fabletics review. Most were lamenting the fact that they’d missed the membership information when they were checking out. They were now having an obscene amount of difficulty trying to cancel.

Others claimed that the clothes were of about the same quality that you’d find at Target or GapBody. The price, of course, is phenomenally higher than Target or GapBody. So why not just go to Target or GapBody?

Still other Fabletics reviews said that when they opted to skip a month of the service, they were charged anyway. And one woman said that her daughter went into a brick and mortar store for a couple pairs of leggings, only to find that the next month $50 had been deducted from her bank account.

There were a few positive Fabletics reviews. A few people said that they liked the unique prints and styles offered by the company. And others name-dropped Kate Hudson as if they’d been on homecoming court together.

To be fair, there were a few people who were happy with the “athleisure” wear they got from Fabletics. But on the whole, people hated the company.

Should You Subscribe to Fabletics?

We don’t think so, and don’t take kindly to any company who deals in trickery. We firmly believe that if a company has a valuable service or product to sell, then that product will speak for itself.

There’s no need to trick someone into buying a $50 clothing subscription service. If you’re selling good clothes, the customers will come.

This is not to say that Fabletics is a bad company, or that there’s something wrong with wearing Kate Hudson’s name across your backside. It’s just not for us, and we can’t honestly recommend Fabletics to you.