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Etae Reviews (Scam or Legit; Good or Bad; Caramel Treatment)

Etae Reviews

Etae products label themselves as revolutionary hair care products. But do they work, are they scams, what is Caramel Treatment and what are the bad reviews saying? That’s what we will discover in our Etae Reviews page.

What are Etae Products?

First, let’s get the basics out of the way: just what are Etae products?

This is a line of hair care that is labelled as “natural” and aimed at women with both natural and chemically-treated hair. It’s a product line that has gained a rather large following and one that we have had a lot of requests for. But requests are one thing and actual user experiences are another thing entirely.

You can find Etae reviews on countless beauty sites out there and it has also been picked up by many Youtube reviewers. It seems like this is one of those companies that sent out scores of sample packages to top bloggers and reviewers in order to generate a buzz. And it seems to have worked, because for a time the beauty industry didn’t seem to want to talk about anything else.

Is Etae a Scam?

Etae Scam

No. We get why this question is asked and it is a question asked about all products that people are not too familiar with. But the truth is that there are very few actual scams out there and they are fairly easy to spot when they do pop up.

As for Etae Products, it is not a scam. It is a real product that will be sent to you when you buy it and it can be bought from many different retailers. It is also a product that makes claims that are, for the most part, true and a product that seems to work very well for many of the users.

Nothing is perfect, of course, and Etae might not work for you. But that’s what our Etae reviews page is all about. So, take a look at the details below and see if you think this hair product range is for you or whether you should save your money for something else.

Etae Products

Before we get to the Etae reviews, let’s look at the individual products to give you an idea of just what you’re getting. This does not include all of the products in the range and is merely a selection of the best of them and the most popular. It is also a growing range, so there may be more products added to this list as this article grows over time.

Etae Caramel Treatment

This is one of the standout products and one of our personal favorites as well. It is easily spread, it smells fantastic and it works wonderfully well. It will help to condition the hair and reconstruct from root to tip. That sounds a lot like advertising copy we know, but to give them their dues, it works.

Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo

A lot more of a basic product, but one that still seems to do the trick. It leaves a nice shine and it doesn’t seem to dry out the hair. If you use conditioner after shampooing and notice a lot of dryness when you don’t, then give this a go instead.

Carmelux Silk Protein Conditioner

This product seems to be lacking when compared to others. It might be our personal experience only, but it just didn’t have that luxurious feel and felt very flat and weak on the whole.

Butter Shine Hair Creme

A fairly standard product that has its benefits and certainly does what it says, but may not be wroth the price tag.

Etae Reviews

Etae Review

So, what do we think and what does everyone else think? Well, our personal experiences were hit and miss. On the one hand, it’s a decent range with some solid products. The fact that they are natural is a great bonus, but therein lies the issue. Many natural products just aren’t able to emulate the benefits you get from chemically laced products. As much as we hate to say it, it’s true. They can also be more expensive though, and that’s definitely the case with Etae Products.

It’s not only our Etae reviews that are hit and miss. You will find the same thing on Etae reviews throughout the internet. This is not a standout product with regards to reviews. It’s not a 5 star product all of the way. But at the same time, it’s not a 1 star, low-quality one either.

Average scores on Etae reviews are somewhere in the middle, and that’s exactly where they should be.

Etae Bad Reviews

To leave you on a different note, purely because we think it’s worth saying, just what are the Etae bad reviews all about?

The good reviews tend to focus on the great smell, the end result and the fact that they are natural. The bad Etae reviews, on the other hand, focus mainly on the price, which is generally considered to be too much considering the results are not always there. Generally, customers are willing to pay good money for a natural product that works, but because of the subjective nature, and the fact that different hair types will produce different results, it means that there are people out there who think it’s well worth the money and people who think it’s not.

But at the same time, it’s not like all of those bad Etae reviews are from women who have a particular hair type or skin type. There is a mixture of them and this mans that the only real way to know for certain whether or not Etae Products work is just to try it for yourself. If you can get a sample, then that’s the perfect way, especially if that sample is for Etae Caramel Treatment or one of the other better products in the Etae range.

If not, then opt for the one that meets your needs, buy it individually and then see if it works. That way you won’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t and you won’t be stung too much financially either. But if it does work, you have potentially found a new product to keep in your beauty cupboard.