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Directory: Best Review Sites (and More) on the Internet

Best Review Sites

We created You-Reviews with the goal of reviewing products that weren’t being reviewed, as well as products that weren’t receiving honest reviews. We’re not the only review site out there, of course, and we don’t claim to be. If we think there are top reviews out there worth reading, we’re more than happy to point our readers to them.

To prove that fact, this is our directory of the best review sites online. These are sites that you can review for yourself, sites that review everything with their own in-house team, and sites that just put a unique spin on everything they do. There are also some non-review sites here, but in all cases this is a list of the sites we love the most.

Best Review Sites Online

Booking.Com: Travel is something we try to cover here on You-Reviews, but not quite to the event that we cover other subjects. We tend to focus on the scams that no one is talking about; the niche areas that no one is reviewing. We leave the big stuff, including the hotel reviews and the destination reviews, to sites like Booking.com.

They just don’t come much better. They have a wealth of info on every hotel and they also collect user reviews to give you an idea of what that hotel is really like. As with all major user review sites, You-Reviews is open to false reviews, both positive and negative. But they still serve as a great guide on hotels that have thousands of reviews, because no fake reviewer is that committed!

There are many other travel review sites out there of course, but we personally prefer this one. TripAdvisor is great for attractions and destinations, but there are too many adds for us. Nothing puts us off a site quite like an annoying pop-up or full-scale banner ad.

Harvard Health: Supplements are one of the areas we cover the most here on You-Reviews. There are a lot of good ones out there, but at times the supplement industry is like the snake oil industry in the Old West. We do our best to review individual products and to keep you informed, but sites like this can also help.

On Harvard Health you can learn about the latest supplements, the latest studies, and more. There are unbiased articles on a host of health related subjects, and that’s exactly what we like to see. Also, it all comes from one of the most respected universities in the world—what more could you ask for?

NIH Fact Sheets: The ultimate resource for all health writers, the National Institute of Health has many brilliant articles and a lot of useful information. This link in particular points to their fact sheets on vitamin and minerals. These include full, unbiased, scientific studies on everything from Vitamin A and Vitamin B, to a host of extracts and more.

So, stop paying attention to promises made on fancy labels and start looking at the genuine studies done and the ingredients used. Listening to the promotional nonsense is one of the worst mistakes you can make as a consumer and the moment you realize that is the moment you can start living healthier and shopping smarter.

Risks from Supplements: This is a single article from Brown University, but it is one that ticks many boxes for us here at You-Reviews. It is not biased, it is not there to sell anything and it relates to health and supplements. It also breaks a very interesting story and reports on the dangers of supplements in the body building industry.

If you use these supplements are are involved with this sort of training yourself then there is a good chance you will have seen these reports or similar reports. If not, then you have some surprising and maybe even scary reading ahead of you.

Nutrition Info: This is an official government site on nutrition. There is a wealth of info here covering all kinds of official information. It is essentially the polar opposite of those promotional labels you will find on supplement bottles. There don’t make any claims that can’t be backed up 100% by science. That’s a good thing, but it also leaves you wanting a little when it comes to products that are starting to win favor in the industry and are showing some positive results, but have yet to be FDA approved.

FDA Approved: Speaking of “FDA Approved”, if you ever wondered just what that was and what it meant, then this is the site for you. This is the official FDA website. You can find details on all FDA approved medications and supplements here, as well as the processes involved with the regulation and certification of a particular product.

It is interesting stuff, but there is a lot to take in and because it’s a government site, it’s more “walls of text” and less “visually appealing”.

TrustPilot: This is a personal favorite review site of ours. There are a lot of user views and there are also systems in place to stop fake reviews. However, there are some major issues with this site that you should be aware of if you are a reviewer.

Simply put, the system that verifies whether a review is real or not relies on some honesty from the company you’re reviewing. TrustPilot asks for an invoice number, which they then verify with the company. If it is real, the review goes live. For the most part, this is a genuine process that companies adhere to. But we have heard some bad experiences and we have had some ourselves.

TrustPilot staff can be rude and oblivious at times. A member of our team once had a very poor experience with an online company listed on the site. He was basically defrauded and when he went to leave a bad review and give his invoice number, the company in question denied it existed. The invoice was real, he proved it, but they denied it and TrustPilot believed them. It seems the companies always get more respect than the reviewers.

So, this is still a good site, but it’s heavily flawed. In fact, those flaws and that bias is one of the reasons we created You-Reviews. We have to thank them for that, even if we are thanking their ineptness.