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Coobie Bra Reviews: Comfort, Price, Value and More (Honest Review)

Coobie Bra Reviews

I bet you never expected to see Coobie Bra reviews on this site, did you? Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this line of work, it’s that you’ve got to be fearless – not afraid to talk about anything at all.

The internet is a scary place, and there are far too many people sharing far too much information. So I’ll try to keep this simple. You asked for our Coobie bra reviews, and you’ve got it.

Coobie Bra – What’s the Big Deal?

Let’s face it. Women come in all shapes and sizes. And so do our chests. Some of us are bigger, some of us are small. And a handful are right in the middle.

Needless to say, bra shopping is a bear. Whether you’re looking for the perfect sports bra, nursing bra or just something to wear every day, you’re in for a full day of shopping, unless you’ve got someone who’s willing to measure you.

Coobie bra reviews are everywhere on the internet – the bra is marketed as “The Most Comfortable Bra EVER!” So what’s special about the bras? Are they as good as the manufacturers claim? What’s wrong with a plain old sports bra?

I scoured Coobie bra reviews, then decided to try one for myself. I’m a runner, and the bane of my very existence is shopping for sports bras. They have a tendency to give you that “uniboob” effect, and they can be constricting and frankly unbreathable. I hate them, and I’d rather run a marathon in my underwire than to wear a sports bra.

But, as you well know, underwire can be quite uncomfortable by mile 23, and so an alternative is in order. That’s where Coobie bras are supposed to come in. Let’s see what others said about the bras, but first I’ll tell you what I thought. You may also want to check out our CandyLipz review, as well as our pieces on detox tea.

Coobie Bra Reviews: My Take

I’m blessed to be one of the “in the middle” crowd as far as chest size is concerned. That said, I can’t really speak too well for those of you who may be larger or smaller than myself. But, then again, I guess that makes me an “average reviewer,” so I might be doing a service to more of you than not.

First things first. If anyone knows anything about me, it’s that I’m – um – frugal. Bras are something I don’t like to spend a lot of money on. Don’t get me wrong, I like for them to look good, but that can’t come at the expense of my bank account.

Coobie bras are relatively inexpensive. They sell on Amazon for about $20 each, or you can get them on the Coobie Bras website. The bras come in about a zillion fifty-three colors, and there are a few styles, as well. Strapless, bralette and nursing are a few of these.

The benefit of these bras is supposed to be that they offer support with no clasps, underwire or seams. Now, the underwire I can understand. There’s something just un-fun about having metal shoved up between your breasts, and some women opt to go wireless.

But, if we’re being honest, I’ve never in my life been bothered by a bra seam or a clasp. The biggest problem I’ve ever had with a bra is that the adjustable straps tend to readjust themselves. Coobie bras do not eliminate this problem; they, too, have adjustable straps.

Still, I decided to give the bra a whirl. I pulled one over my head and did my usual 3 miles. What did I notice? Nothing. There was literally zero difference between the Coobie bra and the UnderArmour that I normally wear.

Coobie Bra Reviews: What Others Say

I wasn’t disappointed with the Coobie bra, but I wasn’t necessarily excited about it, either. I decided to investigate others’ Coobie bra reviews a little more in an attempt to figure out what the hype was all about.

The first thing I noticed was that Coobie bra reviews were citing the price as a determining factor. Like I said, I’m cheap. $20 is an investment for me, considering that I use my sports bra when no one else is looking.

The variety of styles was another plus in Coobie bra reviews. I can agree with that. I like purple and there were plums and lilacs and polka dots of all shades. The bra styles themselves were various. There are lacy Coobie bras, sporty ones, sticky ones and the company even makes camisoles. I love a good, soft cami.

However, the biggest problem that I had, as well as other Coobie bra review writers, was this: they offer so little support. The bras are thin, and honestly I’d never wear one in public. You know how it is – it can be embarrassing to wear a thin bra under a thin shirt. Coobies are that thin.

The support, too, was a problem. I chose to run in the “sports” version of the Coobie, and I didn’t notice a marked difference in support. For everyday use, I think I’d agree with a majority of other Coobie bra revews – I’ll pass.

Coobie Bra Reviews: The Verdict

Coobie Bra Review
Coobie bras are cute. I especially like the ones which look like they’re lacy. But, for all intents and purposes, if I want a lacy bra I’m going to go to Victoria’s Secret. For day to day use, a clean and unnoticeable bra is perfect for me.

Coobie bras are relatively inexpensive at $20. But for the same price, you can get a bra which offers more support and more padding. The purpose of a bra is support, and that’s something that Coobie bras don’t provide very well.

Again, I can’t speak for others who wear a different size than I do. But I can’t imagine that the larger sizes would offer good support at all. For smaller sizes, perhaps. But the thinness of the fabric wouldn’t be appealing.

Overall, I agree with the majority of Coobie bra reviews. They’re cute and they’re well styled. But they just don’t offer the kind of support I want in a bra, and for that reason I won’t be buying another.