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Contact Us (Sponsor Us, Ask a Question, Make a Comment)

If you want to get in touch with You-Reviews then this is the place to do it. If you use the contact form below then your message will land in our editor’s inbox and they will look to respond (if a responsive is necessary) within 72 hours. Just bear in mind that our editors are also tasked with maintaining the You-Reviews website and a few other websites, so there may be a delay.

If you have a question that requires an answer, your first step should be to consult with our FAQ. Just click the link and it will take to to this comprehensive section of the website. We know that no one likes being directed to help files when they are trying to reach a real person. But as a website that doesn’t sell a product or a service and therefore doesn’t have a direct reason to corresponds with the average customer, it’s the only way we can stay productive and make sure that we don’t end up repeating ourselves in replies.

So, please take a look. You may also want to check with our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. If you do get in touch and the information you seek is covered in one of these sections, then please be advised that the editor may simply refer you to the necessary page.

What to Contact us About

There are options to select when you are contacting us. These will let us know what you are contacting us about. In all cases, the messages sent through to this form will arrive with the same person or team or people, so it’s not that we’re going to direct you to different departments. However, it allows our editors to arrange the messages they receives with regards to priority and it also means that out head editor and owner, who supervise this process, know where they stand when they decide to intervene.

So, you will be asked to contact us about one of the following:

  • Sponsoring the Site: You are more than welcome to make us an offer to place banners and other links throughout the website. But we are very restrictive and only offer minimal spaces in order to keep the site mostly ad-free.
  • Making a Comment: Do you want to agree or disagree with one of the reviews here on You-Reviews? Then let us know.
  • Question: Got a question about our services that doesn’t quite fit within the guidelines here or on our FAQ? Let us know what it is.
  • Complaint: Do you think we have incorrectly labelled something as a scam? Do you disagree with a bad review or good review? Let us know. We pride ourselves on honesty so we probably won’t change it, but we are happy to listen to your reasoning.

When not to Contact Us

We’ realize we’re dragging this out, but her with us. If you wish to contact us about any of the following then please don’t. We have explained the reasons why in our FAQ:

  • Reviewing Your Product
  • Writing for Us (this requires you to use our Write for Us page)
  • Joining Your Affiliate Program (not interested)
  • Joining an Aggressive Advertising Program

We get a lot of these requests even with the above warnings and because of that we have to label them as spam. Many of the people who send us these messages then send follow-up messages to inquire about their spam. All of these messages will be deleted. We’re happy to take the time to respond to our readers and we’re also happy to respond to questions, but only when the ones inquiring have taken the time to read our guidelines.