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Colostrum and Bodybuilding: What are the Benefits, Does it Work?


Colostrum is one of the most underrated strength and bodybuilding supplements out there but what are the benefits, is it vegan and gluten-free and is it good for bodybuilding? We will find out in this colostrum reviews page.

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is a milk that is secreted by mammals during pregnancy. It contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that are designed to be drunk by the newborn in order to supply it with the things it needs to grow.

Colostrum supplements contain bovine milk and are taken for their benefits as a superfood as well as for their purported benefits with regards to improving strength, performance and endurance.

Colostrum Benefits

Colostrum is a superfood, and one that comes packed with all kinds of nutritious ingredients. It can therefore help with overall well being. But as a sports supplement it has been shown to help with short, high-intensity exercises, increasing performance and giving the user more strength and stamina in the gym.

We will discuss this in more detail below.

Colostrum for Bodybuilding

Colostrum seems to be underused in the sports supplements industry. This is probably down to the fact that it has a specific method of action. It is great for aiding with short, powerful, high-intensity exercise. But it doesn’t have a major effect on the physique. It can help to build muscle in the sense that it can help you to lift a little bit more, but the differences in this regard are not as noticeable as things like creatine, which are more popular as a result.

Still, colostrum benefits are plentiful and should not be dismissed, as we shall discover with our colostrum reviews below.

Colostrum Reviews

Colostrum Reviews

Here at You-Reviews we like to test the products that we cover and several of us have tried this one before, which means we can offer genuine colostrum reviews. For us, the experience was positive, albeit only slight.

Our colostrum reviews showed an increase in power and performance when combined with weight training and other high intensity training. This is a trend that you will see in most positive colostrum reviews.

You might not notice anything if you are new to strength training, but if you have experience then you will notice the slight increase in performance and power that it offers. It’s hard to compare it to anything else, as there really isn’t anything that offers something similar.

You don’t really feel it and it’s not like a steroid or an illegal performance enhancing drug of any kind. There is a similarity with creatine in terms of performance, albeit without the bloat and the swelling of the muscles. One of the best comparisons made during our colostrum reviews process was that colostrum is to strength training what caffeine is to cardio.

By caffeine we don’t mean a heavy dose of powder that will make you fired up and ready to go, but like a small dose as provided by a strong tea extract or even a cup of coffee. In other words, it’s not something immediately noticeable and you might not even notice it during your session. But if you focus on the analytics of that session, including how much you did and how long you lasted compared to normal, there is an improvement.

Other Colostrum Reviews

As mentioned above, our colostrum reviews were not the only ones that noticed a slight improvement in strength. There have been many studies done on this drug and most have noticed some improvement. Many bodybuilders and strength athletes have also reported similar improvements.

A few years ago it was tested alongside drugs like creatine monohydrate and HMB as part of a televised documentary in the UK. They tested these drugs on a group of people who were required to perform high intensity activities like sprinting and weight lifting. The goal was to see which drug would trigger the most improvements on the track, focusing entirely on performance and ignoring muscle growth and other factors.

Colostrum was the one that came out on top. The person who had been given colostrum saw more improvements in all areas and over the course of the study he had made significant gains. They concluded, therefore, that it was effective and at the time they called it one of the most underrated and powerful bodybuilding supplements around.

This was a few years ago and while we watched it at the time, we can’t seem to find the name of this documentary. So, if you remember it, please get in touch! We’d love to point our readers to it in order to show just how effective colostrum can be when used properly.

Is Colostrum Vegetarian?

Colostrum is suitable for vegetarians. It does contain dairy, of course, but there are no meat products in natural colostrum and there should be none in colostrum supplements as well. This is something you may want to double check though as it may not apply to all brands.

Is Colostrum Vegan?

Colostrum is not suitable for vegans as it is a dairy product that comes from milk.

Is Colostrum Gluten Free?

Colostrum should be gluten-free and the best colostrum supplements are gluten-free. However, as mentioned above, this is something that you should double-check just incase. A lot of fillers are used in supplements and there is no telling if these are gluten-free are not. This information should be included on the label though.

Where to Buy Colostrum

Does Colostrum Work

You can buy quality colostrum supplements from many suppliers. They are not as widely available as things like creatine, which seem to be standard on all supplements sites, but if you focus on the bigger and better sites then you shouldn’t have an issue.

To find the very best colostrum supplements, focusing on price as well as quality, just take a look at the sidebars on this page. They are updated all of the time to show which supplement we currently deem to be the best.

If there is no such sidebar or recommendation at the time of reading, it means there currently isn’t one we recommend strongly enough to list here. Read the next section if that is the case.

Best Colostrum Supplement

Most top supplement brands sell some form of colostrum. These are the ones we trust and recommend. There is no guarantee that they will be using a premium product and that you will get what you are looking for, but the odds are certainly on your side.

So, for us the best colostrum supplements are the ones that come from the likes of Now, Optimum Nutrition, Reflex Nutrition and the other supplement brands that you know and love. You may also find some quality and affordable generic supplements on the better sites, including ones like BodyBuilding.com and MyProtein, both of which can usually be trusted to source the best ingredients for their supplements.