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CB1 Weight Gainer Reviews: Is it a Scam? (Ingredients, Benefits, Does it Work?)

CB1 Weight Gainer Reviews

Is CB1 Weight Gainer a scam? That’s a question that quickly came to mind as we ordered our own bottle and scoured the many CB1 Weight Gainer reviews out there. It didn’t quite have the look and feel of a scam, but there were some worrying signs. If it’s not a scam, does that mean that it is an effective weight gainer as claimed by the makers?

In this CB1 Weight Gainer Reviews page we try to get to the bottom of what this product is and what the intentions of the manufacturers are.

What is CB1 Weight Gainer?

It is a pill that is supposed to help you gain weight. Unlike the weight gain powders that fill you full of calories, it is said to be able to do this by improving your appetite and potentially aiding with muscle mass. That’s not something you hear everyday, but there seem to be some claims backing this up.

There are also many positive CB1 Weight Gainer reviews out there, all of which point to this being a quality product. But for every good review there seems to be a negative one and there are many things about this product that we don’t like, things that raised warning flags for us. The first of those are the ingredients, which were alien to us and weren’t explained in much detail by the manufacturers.

CB1 Weight Gainer Ingredients

CB1 Weight Gainer Ingredients

The ingredient label is our best friend here at You-Reviews. As experts in nutrition and writers who have written on the subject of nutrition, health and medicine for years, we know what ingredients work and what ingredients don’t work. We know the best extracts, vitamins and minerals; the mechanisms of action and whether they are effective or not.

With the CB1 Weight Gainer ingredient list, that’s not the case. There is Vitamin E and D and there is Zinc, none of which will really have an effect on weight gain. There is also some Echinacea powder, best known as an immune system booster that doesn’t really work as well as the supplement companies want you to think.

But everything else is not as simple. They are long chemical names labelled as “all-natural”. They all form part of the “Weight Gain Blend” and confuse the hell out of us. They have also worried some testers in CB1 Weight Gainer reviews, including our own. You just have to trust the makers on this one. They say there are no addictive ingredients, no steroids and that everything is natural and effective.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say.

CB1 Weight Gainer Review Setup

We have covered weight gainers before on this site. We looked into the legitimacy of them in our Best Mass Gainer piece and we also reviewed one of the better ones in Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Review. If you have read any of those, or indeed any of our other pieces on this subject, then you’ll know that we are very dubious about these products.

In fact, the only things we are more dubious about are weight loss pills, and the fact that CB1 Weight Gainer combines these two is why we were initially little suspicious of this product. Still, we tried it and we were happy to do so. The product was given to a member of our team who occasionally gets involved with weight training and was already undergoing some rigorous testing for some of the strength training equipment we have reviewed (including the Bowflex Max Trainer M5).

Our CB1 Weight Gainer Review

Our tester was happy with the small size of the pills, but less than happy with the customer service. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, but these thing are only worthwhile if you can actually get a professional response, and that’s not easy to come by.

Other CB1 Weight Gainer reviews report similar things and customer service is an area that clearly needs to be improved on. What’s more, upon purchasing we realized that we had been subscribed to a program, and one that wasn’t easy to unsubscribe from.

Immediately this had the feel of one of those scams that were common back in the 2000s, the ones that promised free trials on to hook you to a subscription from which there was no receptive. The scams still exist and it seems to be a big part of the marketing here.

This, along with the suspect nature of the ingredients, was enough to put our reviewer off. He didn’t take any of the tablets and we can’t blame him. Other CB1 Weight Gainer reviews say the same and many of the bad reviews revolve around the subscription issue.

Other CB1 Weight Gainer Reviews

According to the official website, there are a number of very positive CB1 Weight Gainer reviews and clinical studies out there. These are what have lured many people into buying this product and it’s also what got us interested in the first place. We also liked the honesty that they displayed.

However, we can’t escape the strange stories of subscriptions and non-existent customer support. We can’t avoid the fact that CB1 Weight Gainer seems to be a scam. We won’t go as far as to confirm this, because there are some positive CB1 Weight Gainer reviews out there and it doesn’t have as many negative reviews as a scam does. But we have doubts and we would advise caution here. At the very least make sure you do a lot of research in advance.

Is CB1 Weight Gainer a Scam?

CB1 Weight Gainer Scam
We would like to say no. This product has been around for a number of years and it seems like many customers have reviewed it and had positive experiences with it. There are definitely some suspect CB1 Weight Gainer reviews out there and the claim made by the ones leaving negative reviews are concerning.

However, we’re still sitting on the fence with this one. We don’t like labelling things as scams unless we are 100% confident that they are. In the case of CB1 Weight Gainer, they are letdown by a lack of detailed information on their website and a lack of good customer support, as well as some worrying subscription issues. That’s enough to stop them from being a company we recommend, but it’s not quite enough to label them as a scam.