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CandyLipz Review (Is It A Scam? Find Out With Reviews and More)

CandyLipz Reviews

CandyLipz is one of the stranger products on the market right now and one of the stranger ones we have covered. In this CandyLipz review we put this unique product in the spotlight and ask whether it’s worth its money, whether it does what it says it does and whether or not you should buy it.

CandyLipz Review: What is it?

CandyLipz is a “lip-shaping” tool that can help you to create thicker, fuller lips. The trend for these lips has been around for years. But it is thanks to people like Kim Kardashian and her sisters and other family members that it has recently taken on a life of its own. They have actually used this product and products like it, as have many other Instagram celebrities.

There is no shortage of young girls out there who have heard about this product and have aspired toward buying it themselves. But just how effective can a piece of plastic be for making your lips look fuller? Can it really work, and will it cause any problems?

CandyLipz Review: Is it a Scam?

CandyLipz is not a scam. You may not be happy with the advertising, the purpose or the price, but it works, and that’s the main thing. If you place an order then you will receive that order. If you use the product then you will get the results you seek. It doesn’t really matter if you’re happy with the product, the manufacturers or the people that endorse it, that’s all a matter of opinion and it’s why we encourage you to leave your own CandyLipz review. But CandyLipz is definitely a legitimate product.

Lip Plumper Products Like CandyLipz

We are not affiliated with this device or its manufacturers in anyway. So, we’re not going to sit here and tell you that it’s the best out there, simply because we don’t know if that is the case. What we do know is that we have only researched into a few of these devices and that of those few, CandyLipz is the best.

It also tends to be the most expensive, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for CandyLipz  yourself then make sure you buy from a reputable source. There are a lot of copies and cheap knockoffs out there and many of these sell for a similar price, which means you can end up paying the same amount but getting something that resembles a cheaper knock-off.

Also, if you do look elsewhere, don’t pay too much attention to celebrity reviews. This CandyLipz review is as genuine as we could make it because we’re not being paid to provide bias. The same can’t be said for many Instagram celebs that push products like this. So, be wary and make sure you look for genuine reviews from actual paying customers before you make a purchase.

CandyLipz Review: Does it Work?

CandyLipz Scams

It does, but only to an extent. The issue that we have with this product and products like it is that many users seem to believe that they will have plump lips forever or that they are somehow training their lips to become naturally plumper over time. This is just not true and we would actually advise against using something like this long term, as you might cause irritation.

CandyLipz works because it makes your lips thicker and fuller immediately after use. In a couple of hours they will return to normal, but you’ll get the look you want quickly and for a short period of time. CandyLipz is also mobile, so you can take it with you for a “top-up”. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

One of the things we like about CandyLipz is that it contains a small piece that is designed to help reduce suction marks. These are very common in many DIY lip-enhancing products and indeed in many commercial ones. With CandyLipz it is not an issue that we had and it’s not one you will see mentioned in the many CandyLipz reviews out there.

You only need to leave CandyLipz on for a couple of minutes to get plump lips for a couple of hours. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if plump lips are what you seek and you don’t have the money or the inclination to opt for injections, then give it a go.

CandyLipz Review: Side Effects and Problems

Many CandyLipz reviews are positive and in our own CandyLipz review we didn’t notice any serious issues. However, there are exceptions to this rule and these are worth noting. There are a small number of users who have experienced problems with CandyLipz. These include bruising, cuts, marks and other blemishes.

Many of these can be linked to excessive use, certain skin conditions and leaving the CandyLipz device on for too long. Many CandyLipz reviewers have admitted that they have sensitive skin, that they bruise easily or that they didn’t use it properly. But this isn’t always easy, because the product doesn’t come with a lot of instructions.

The trick is to make sure that you read what instructions are available and to then check  official and unofficial Youtube videos. Find out what what most effective methods were for other users  to discover just how long you should be using it for based on the current size of your lips, as well as the sensitivity of your skin.

Where to Buy CandyLipz

Does CandyLipz Work

You can buy CandyLipz from several online retailers, the best of which is Amazon. You may find that the prices are very high here, depending on which country you are in and what point you’re ordering. So to make sure you are getting the very best deal, take a look at the marketplace, take advantage of any current or upcoming deals, and don’t take the first price that you see.

Also, make sure you buy an official product. As mentored already, there are many unofficial products out there that are not quite as good. Some of these are more or less exact replicas, but we find that there are many more failed counterfeits than successful ones, so it’s always best just to go for the original, saying yourself time and effort.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $50 for an original CandyLipz. This is quite a lot of money for what’s on offer, but focus less on the product itself and more on the results and it’ll soon start looking like a bargain.