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Blue Apron Reviews: Is it Worth the Money or Not? (Cost, Prices, Value)

blue apron reviews

“What do you want for dinner?”
“I don’t know. What do you want?”
“Sigh. I wish someone would just choose for us.”

There are quite a few meal delivery services on the market to handle conversations just like this one.

Blue Apron is one of those services. Like HelloFresh and Plated, the company promises to deliver all the ingredients you need to create fresh, home cooked meals.

Is the service worth it? Were Blue Apron customers happy with their subscription? Let’s see what Blue Apron reviews say.

Blue Apron Meal Service

I love to cook. I love experimenting with new foods, and trying new flavors. I’ve cooked everything from venison to tofu – some experiments have been successful and others were a complete mess.

But now, as my life has gotten a bit busier, I find that I’m reverting to the same standby meals for my family. Taco Tuesday. Fish Friday. (Or if I’m feeling particularly lazy, that can be “Free-For-All Friday.”)

There’s a common lament among home cooks everywhere: boredom. Sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to prepare meals that are unique, so you stick with what you know and risk boring your family to tears.

Companies like Blue Apron are supposed to be a fix for that. They’ll send you the ingredients you need for recipes like mushroom cavatelli or coconut-curry cauliflower. You cook it at home, and voila! An alternative to pizza.

Before I swallowed my pride as a self-proclaimed Master Home Chef and tried out the service, I decided I’d take a look at some Blue Apron reviews. I didn’t want to drop money on something that was nothing more than a glorified recipe book.

Here’s what I found out about the Blue Apron service, and what others were saying about the food they received.

Blue Apron Reviews

First of all, let’s talk about the most obvious question: how much does Blue Apron cost?

There are two Blue Apron plans. Both plans are charged to your credit card weekly.

  • For two people, you’ll pay $60 for 3 meals. There are a total of 6 servings.
  • On the family plan, you’ll pay $70 for eight servings. You can choose whether that covers two meals or four.

Your meals will come to your door in a refrigerated box each week, and will contain all the ingredients you need to make each of your meals, as well as the recipe to do so. However, the ingredients aren’t separated by meals, so you’ll have to do a bit of sorting.

Once you’ve gotten all your ingredients sorted by meal, you’re ready to cook. Blue Apron reviews all said that the recipes were easy to follow, which is great for less experienced cooks.

There were some complaints about Blue Apron, though. To begin, the menu itself has potential to get boring. Each menu has a chicken dish, a seafood dish, a salad, a soup or stew and a recipe for either pork or beef.

Unlike services like HelloFresh, you’re allowed to choose your meals. This was a huge benefit listed on some Blue Apron reviews. The only problem was that those choices are limited.

The cost was another issue for some reviewers. After all, $70 per week could quite possibly feed an entire family for a whole week. The Blue Apron $70 plan only covers eight individual servings. For a family of four, that can add up very quickly.

My Blue Apron Experience

I went ahead and ordered a week’s worth of Blue Apron meals. Again, my family is getting bored with my cooking, and I figured the $70 investment was far less than therapy for my kids.

The first thing I noticed that it was super easy to sign up. I actually registered with my Facebook account and it took about five seconds. The order process was simple, and the delivery came as expected.

Here’s what I noticed about the order itself.

To begin, I mentioned that the ingredients weren’t sorted by meal. That was problematic. Some recipes called for the same ingredient as another, and it became extremely important to measure. I never measure, I season to taste.

Be sure to measure on Monday, or your meal on Thursday might taste horrible.

Second, there was no nutritional information on the recipe cards. There was a calorie count, but no info on vitamins or other nutrients. That wasn’t necessarily a problem for me, but it might be for you.

Finally, the cost was a big deal for me. I’m notorious for being a penny pincher, and I found the price per serving to be ridiculous. I could just as easily take the family to McDonald’s for much less than a Blue Apron meal costs. Granted, it’s not as healthy, but dang was this service pricey.

The meals themselves tasted good. They were a nice change from the usual mom-are-we-having-garlic-shrimp-again that I’d been using as a fallback crutch.

Overall, I was happy to have a break from the norm, but I decided to cancel my subscription. It just wasn’t right for my family.

Should You Subscribe to Blue Apron

blue apron review

Just like HelloFresh, this is a subscription service which could prove quite useful to those who don’t know how to or don’t like to cook. You’ll get interesting ideas for new recipes, and it’s nice to have the ingredients delivered.

However, if you’re a more experienced cook, you’ll have to carefully evaluate whether Blue Apron is worth the time and effort it takes to measure the ingredients. And whether it’s worth the cost. You may be better off using a site like Food Gawker or Tastespotting for your inspiration. Even Pinterest could be a better alternative.

Was Blue Apron worth it? Not for me, but it may be for you. If you want to try a box, search for coupons. Sometimes Groupon or other sites will offer percent- or money-off coupons for Blue Apron. Give it a try, and make the judgment whether the service will be valuable to your family.