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Ashley Madison Reviews (Scam and Hack Details) 2017

Ashley Madison Reviews

Ashley Madison is one of the biggest dating sites out there and the biggest that fits into the “affair” niche. On this Ashley Madison Reviews page we ask whether it is a scam, whether it is a genuine service and whether it has any merit.

You-Reviews is not affiliated with Ashley Madison and our views and opinions are entirely our own. Just thought we should get that out there, although considering we have a lot of bad things to say about this service, it was probably obvious.

Is Ashley Madison a Scam?

Yes and no. We always like to give genuine companies an easy time here on You-Reviews. We know that there are companies out there that are genuine for the most part, but have just made a few mistakes or a few bad choices. Such is the case with MacKeeper. We were harsh on them in saying that you shouldn’t use the software, but we did let everyone know that they are (probably) not a scam.

We approached this Ashley Madison Reviews page with the same mentality and we were willing to forgive many of their flaws. But we just could not do it because those flaws seemed to be in no short supply. On the one hand, Ashley Madison is not a scam in the sense that it is not out to rob you of your money. It is a legitimate company that operates within the confines of the law.

We also don’t agree that it is a morally bankrupt company. We do not condone cheating of any kind here at You-Reviews, but they can not be held responsible just for giving those cheaters a platform. If they weren’t using Ashley Madison, they would just use Facebook or any of the other standard dating sites out there.

The issue with Ashley Madison lies in the things that it does to members as soon as they signup.

Ashley Madison Scam Tactics

Ashley Madison Scam

Ashley Madison has been known in the past (and as far as we known, they are still doing it) to create fake accounts which they then use to lure free members into buying a premium subscription. The way Ashley Madison works is that you can sign for free, but if you want to respond to messages or use many features, you need to pay a fee.

The company was caught telling staff to create and operate fake accounts, often under the guise of attractive females. They would use these to communicate with free members, mostly men, and to entice them to join. When the men join they realized that the actual process of online dating is not a simple case of, “Signup and wait for women to throw themselves at you” and that they weren’t as much of a hot property as they first thought.

There have been other controversial tactics employed by Ashley Madison as well. Like BeNaughty, they have also been known to make it very difficult for users to leave the service. This is pretty much standard practice on premium services though and it is forgivable to an extent. It is by no means good, but it’s certainly not uncommon and as long as they are not blocking your exit completely then it is also legal.

During the Ashley Madison hack, a few other things were brought to light, after which the words “Ashley Madison Scam” become emblazoned on articles and message boards across the internet.

The Ashley Madison Hack

The Ashley Madison hack involved a team of hackers who extracted personal information from many members of the site. These included active, paid-up members, but it also included members who were no longer a part of the site. Simply put, Ashley Madison’s inability to remove those members from the books had jeopardized their safety.

Once the hackers had all of this information, they blackmailed the company. They refused to negotiate, as was to be expected (not really the wrong thing when you think about it) and the info was released. Overnight, thousands of cheaters were exposed, some of which ended up killing themselves.

The Ashley Madison hack also exposed some of their scam tactics. We learned that many emails had been sent to customers who had complained about the service and had threatened to quit or had asked for refunds. In reply, Ashley Madison representatives basically threatened them. They warned them that for such a process to occur, a letter would need to be sent to their home address with the Ashley Madison logo and a list of all transactions.

It was listed as standard procedure, but the morally bankrupt undertone was evident throughout. When these emails were released, many customers had already made up their mind and there were negative Ashley Madison reviews everywhere. But this confirmed it for many and this company was forever blacklisted.

Of course, there are those who laughed at the Ashley Madison hack and said that the users got what was coming to them. They were cheating after all. To an extent, we agree. Cheaters are asking to get caught and there is some satisfaction when they do. But at the same time, you don’t know how bad their situation was, you don’t know what drove them to do that.

Our Ashley Madison Review

Ashley Madison Hack

Our own Ashley Madison reviews are not positive. To be fair to them, we didn’t sign up. We just didn’t want to risk it. And that’s coming from a team of reviewers that have put itself in harms way to write reviews before. With Ashley Madison, the threat of having our personal details released, of getting into a mess with credit card payments and everything else just wasn’t worth it.

So, our Ashley Madison reviews are non existent really. That means we can’t offer our direct and informed opinion. But we can warn you to do your research and to look at what other Ashley Madison reviews are saying before you go any further with this one.

Ashley Madison Reviews

Those other Ashley Madison reviews are rarely positive. this is still a big company and they still have many genuine users. That should be noted. They have no doubt helped many men and women to single-handedly destroy their marriages over the years and that was essentially what they set out to do.

However, once you factor in all of the issues that this company has had, including the Ashley Madison hack, the Ashley Madison scam tactics and everything else, you just have to ask yourself “is it worth it?”

A company that takes your credit card details and facilitates access to what is a very comprising position, should be discreet. It goes without saying. Ashley Madison have made promises to that degree in the past, but they clearly haven’t followed through with them. Whether you agree with the action of their customers or not, you have to admit that that’s very bad practice and that anyone thinking about joining this controversial dating site should have a good long think about it first.