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Animal Pak Reviews: Our Opinion (Good, Bad, Worth It?)

Animal Pak Reviews

Animal Pak is a multi-vitamin produced by Universal Nutrition. It has been going strong for a number of years now and has gained a large following in that time. But while there are a lot of positive Animal Pak reviews out there, there are also some negatives ones and a few issues that need to be considered before you buy this product.

In this Animal Pak review page we have asked our resident fitness expert to try this product out an to offer his opinion on the pros and the cons. For the most part, he liked what he saw, but as you will see, it wasn’t all good.

Animal Pak Review

I like to stay healthy and to avoid processed foods and supplements where possible. If there is a natural and healthy alternative to something then I’m all game. However, a small part of me gets very excited about the colorful labels and long ingredient lists on sports supplements and when that happens I start to ignore that desire to keep everything basic and clean and dive in headfirst.

I’ve known about Animal Pak for a long-time and have avoided it for most of that time, but I recently got my hands on some and these are my thoughts.

First, the basics, Animal Pak is a multivitamin that provides you with a host of vitamin and minerals. Each dose is supplied via a little baggie of pills and you’re supposed to take one of these “packs (or “paks”, if you prefer) a day. Sounds simple, right, well it gets a little more complicated.

Animal Pak Nutrition

The reason this multivitamin does so well is because it literally comes bundled with every vitamin, mineral and extract you could possibly think of. Take a look at the Top 100 Products sales pages on sites like BodyBuilding.com, ignore the creatine and the protein and you’ll see that pretty much all of the popular extracts, powders, tinctures and more can be found in Animal Pak.

This is great, for the most part. You will get all essential vitamins and minerals; a complete amino acid profile; stimulants; and ingredients to help everything from your digestion to your liver and your joints.

The ingredient profile is extraordinary and the main reason Animal Pak sells so well. But does it work?

Animal Pak Review: Does it Work

There are two things I noted fairly quickly after starting to use Animal Pak. First, I did have a little more energy and I did feel a little better overall, with slightly improved digestion and with the ability to push a little harder in the gym. Secondly, my urine was practically radioactive. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it. I was tempted to pee in the dark to see if it lit-up like a neon rainbow.

Of course, the extra energy and feel-good factor could have been down to a placebo effect, but I’m inclined to believe otherwise considering there are many ingredients in Animal Pak that can help to boost energy and performance. I can also say for certain that the radioactive urine was definitely not a placebo—if I imagined that then I need a different kind of daily pill.

You can also buy Animal Pak in a powder form. This might be easier to consume if you have an issue swallowing pills, because Animal Pak pills are on the large side. It may also help with absorption as there’s a chance that a few of those highly compact pills will just get passed straight out (sorry for the image) whereas the powder will get absorbed.

The Problems with Animal Pak

Animal Pak Review

Animal Pak is a little more expensive when compared to competiting products, but considering it seems to have 50x as many ingredients, this isn’t really a surprise and it’s still fairly affordable. My main issue with Animal Pak is that it seems to be overkill.

We have discussed issues with sports supplements going overboard before here on You Reviews (see our guide to QuadraLean, and check Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens for an alternative) and nowhere is that more evident than with Animal Pak.

This is actually the reason I avoided it for so long and it’s why I was a little reluctant to undertake this Animal Pak review. I get that this is still a contentious issue, but it’s a worrying one nonetheless. Simply put, multivitamins may not be as healthy as we all have been led to believe and several studies have linked the to serious issues.

This is still up in the air and more research needs to be done, but as mentioned in our Are Multivitamins Dangerous guide, there are more studies suggesting that multivitamins are dangerous when used by people who do not need them than there are studies suggesting the opposite.

Should I Buy Animal Pak?

I still think that Animal Pak is a good product and I stand by my statements that it had a positive impact on my training. However, I won’t be buying it again because the vitamins seem to be overkill and I’m worried about the implications. If they were to lower the RDA to just 100%, then it would appeal to me more, but as things stand, it just feels like too much.

The people who buy these vitamins are people who try to eat well anyway, which means they’ll already be getting a lot of their RDA for most of those vitamins. They might need topping up here and there, but buying Animal Pak for that purpose feels like topping up a glass of water by throwing a bathtub at it.

If you, like me, are just an average person who works out on occasion, or you are worried about the studies being done on multivitamins, then I would not recommend Animal Pak. If you are happy to overlook this research as scaremongering and you workout a lot, then it might be worth the purchase. Animal Pak is geared toward athletes after all and was not created with the average person in mind.

Other Animal Pak Reviews

Animal Pak Benefits

My Animal Pak review may not seem very positive, but my issue really is with multivitamins on the whole and not necessarily with Animal Pak. In term of multi-vitamins, or multi-formulas, created for athletes, you would struggle to find anything more complete and other Animal Pak reviews seem to agree with me on this.

On rating aggregate retail sites it generally scores 8 or 9 out of 10 and users swear by it. The negatives mentioned include the neon urine and the price, both of which you will see mentioned in many positive reviews and neutral reviews.

I had to sort through dozens of positive reviews before I could find anything negative. The negative Animal Pak reviews that do exist seem to point out issues with the pills being too big or difficult to digest and the powder being too clumpy and difficult to mix. There are also a couple instances of the product causing upset stomaches and nausea, which may be down to the flood of vitamins, but could also be a hydration issue, as the body will likely need to work that little bit harder to process, use and then expel.