Where Your Views Are Our Reviews

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About Us (Learn All About You-Reviews and What we do)

Want to know more about us and about the work we do here at You-Reviews? There is a lot to learn. Most of it has already been discussed on our homepage and we don’t want to get caught in a cycle of repetition. We don’t want to bore you either. But if you do need a little more info on who we are and what we do, then read the About Us page below.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Why Create You-Reviews?

The motto of You-Reviews is “Where your views are our reviews”. We’re here to guide you, to provide you with genuine, honest and helpful reviews about the products and the services you want to know more about. As well as a host of reviews, we also have many scam reports to help you avoid the companies that are only out to rob you blind.

There are many of those companies out there and they seem to be in plenty supply in the supplement and health industry. This is an industry created to benefit all of us, but it’s one that takes advantage of a lack of knowledge that the average person has and then tries to exploit that.

At You-Reviews, it is our goal to add a little clarity, a little understanding and some huge warnings.

Who Owns You-Reviews?

You-Reviews is owned by a dedicated team of webmasters, writers and editors. It is a small team really, but we all work hard to keep everything going and to make sure you get advice that is helpful and honest.

The owners of You-Reviews also work on the site and have had a very hands-on approach since the beginning. As owners, we also have a hand in running several other websites and have been creating and populating websites for many years now. You-Reviews is one of the jewels in our crown, a very special site that we always pay a little more attention to.

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do if it were not for the rest of the team and for all of the contractors that come in to help on occasion. Speaking of which…

The You-Reviews Team

So, who are the star editors, writers, artists and advisors who make up the You-Reviews team? Well, we don’t want to give too much away, mainly because we don’t have their permission but also because they are a paranoid bunch. But here is a quick rundown:

  • P: The owner of You-Reviews, P is the man behind the brand. A self-made entrepreneur, P began his life as a writer and continues to work as a writer to this day. He created many of the articles for You-Reviews and juggles his work on the site between his work on other sites and his obligations as a published fiction and non-fiction author. While P has relied upon the rest of the team heavily for other sites, You-Reviews is one of his more personal projects and the majority of articles are his.
  • S: A true star writer for You-Reviews and for the parent brand. S works just as hard as the owner of the site, making sure that everything is reviewed in an honest, accurate and informative way. She has created thousands of articles for us, dozens of which have appeared here on You-Reviews.
  • M: Another top writer, M has been exhaustive in her work to ensure that the entire brand has enough content to keep going and to keep its readers happy.
  • A: A developer who makes sure that all of the coding is correct and that everything works as it should. You-Reviews is very basic, that’s the way we wanted it and the way it will remain. But whether he’s keeping the basics of You-Reviews together or he’s doing something more elaborate elsewhere, A is always working hard.
  • E: Our advisor, head editor and customer support guy, E is the point of contact if you get in touch with You-Reviews and with many other websites owned by the same company. He also helps to write and edit the articles that are published to the site, while advising on matters relating to marketing, social media and more.

Join Our Team

Do you want to join the You-Reviews team? Do you have a product to review, a service that you want to discuss, or do you just want to write for a living? Then get in touch. We would love to hear from you and deal with new applicants all of the time. You can learn how to write for You-Reviews by paying a visit to our Write For Us page. Just make sure you follow the guidelines, because priority will be given to those who do and those who do not rarely receive replies (our editors are busy people!)

We take very few new team members on. The above team has been exactly the same way for over a year prior to the launch of the You-Reviews website. We hire people who excite us and people who prove their worth. We vet them carefully, we work closely with them and only then do we invite them on-board. It is a long process, but if you are part of this team then you have a writing or editing job for life, as this same team oversees over a dozen websites as well as You-Reviews.

If you simply want to work for You-Reviews, even on a part-time basis, then you can also apply to do just that. But like we mentioned in our Write for Us section, we don’t accept review requests out of the blue. You would be surprised (or perhaps not) how many people get in touch to ask us if they can review their own products. Of course, all of these reviews are glowing!

We like to be honest on You-Reviews, so that’s not a request that we can accept. If you want to write for us then you will need to sample the product or service and then be honest about your experience.