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Welcome to You-Reviews, the best place to find genuine, trustworthy reviews on the products you want to know more about. As our motto goes, if you’re in doubt, let You-Reviews help you out.

The goal of You-Reviews was to cover the things that few other sites were covering, the products that weren’t hugely popular and the products that had therefore just not quite made it into the mainstream. We noticed that while there was a glut of reviews out there for popular products, there was nothing but one-sided affiliate reviews for new products, obscure products and products yet to break into the mainstream.

You’ve seen those ads for supplements that promise the world and will also happily give you your money back if they don’t deliver. You’ve also no doubt seen the reviews for these products, the ones that seem to look alike and always finish  with an affiliate link and a call to action to get you to part with your hard-earned money.

These are clearly biased. And  the other reviews, provided by users themselves, are often short and left in anger. It’s black and white, neither here nor there. The goal of You-Reviews is to show you the grey areas, of which there are many.

What we Review

It’s not all about supplement reviews here on You-Reviews. We cover everything that fits into the Health and Lifestyle mold, and there is a reason for this. Despite creating products that require a lot of trust on behalf of the customer; products that the customer knows could be doing them serious harm, this industry is littered with scams, unregulated products, banned ingredients and all kinds of harmful practices.

It is also the industry that sees the most scams. The manufacturers, legitimate and not, know that the best way to get a customer to part with a lot of money is to tell them that something can help them look better, feel better, have bigger muscles, perform better in the bedroom, etc., They also know that the average customer doesn’t really understand the science of these products and the biology of their action; nor do they understand the ingredients used in supplements or the processes used in diets and exercise regimes.

So they exploit it. They create products that are often on the edge and are occasionally complete scams. They over charge; they offer refund schemes that they don’t always honor; and they generally make it hard for customers to get a fair deal.

That’s why You-Reviews targets that industry. We know there are genuine, legitimate products and companies out there. The problem is, they are lost among a sea of scammers, so we just want to shine a light on them.

What we Write

Genuine and Honest Reviews

Our reviews are all honest. Where possible we will test the products ourselves. When this is not possible, we will get in touch with people who have used them and will ask for their honest opinions. We know who is genuine and who is not; we have a team of contractors who are willing to try products out for us as well.

This allows us to provide a comprehensive review of the product from a user’s standpoint. That’s not all either, as we also dig deep into the company and the product. The average consumer may not be an expert on health and fitness, but our writers, editors and researchers are. As discussed on our About Us page, we have all written about this industry for many years now and are well equipped to spot a scam when we see one.

That’s why the You-Reviews site is split into two main categories. On the one hand you have the reviews and on the other you have the scams. In both of these you will find a wide assortment of products and services, from dating sites to weight loss pills and more. But the common thread in all of them is a commitment to honesty that you just won’t find anywhere else.

It is what readers demand, it’s what they deserve, and it’s what we aim to supply here on You-Reviews.

Learn More About You-Reviews

Supplement Scams, Cons and Rip-Offs

As mentioned above, there are many different products covered. It’s not just about the pills, the food and the creams you put in and on your body. It’s also about dating sites, computer programs and more. The main reason for this is that dating sites and similar sites play a huge role in our day to day lives.

Single people are the ones most likely to use sports supplements designed to improve the way they look and as a result they are the ones more likely to use the You-Reviews site. That’s certainly not the case for all of our readers and it is not a mold that our writers fit into either. But the demographics don’t lie. That’s why we cover so many dating sites.

It’s also because these sites, much like supplements, are riddled with scams. You can learn more about these scams by clicking onto our Dating Sites Review section at the top of this page. Speaking of which, if you’re ready to start using the You-Reviews site (surely you haven’t let us bore you by reading all the way down here?!) then keep reading to learn how.

How to Use the Site

You-Reviews is designed is such a way that it is clean and easy to navigate. There are three ways that you can find the product or service you are looking for. The first is to simply use the menus. If it’s on the site then you will find it there. The second is to use the “Search” function. Contrary to what you might think, this is not a Google search. It is a search that only takes place on the You-Reviews website.

Finally, the basic URL structure of the website affords you an even easier chance to find what you are looking for. Just take a look at the URL, add a forward slash to the end and then type the name of the product or service you’re looking for. That should take you to it, providing we have covered it. There are no extensive URLs here, no confusing and difficult to follow navigation. It’s all clean, simple and exactly the way it should be.

Now you have no excuse not to read up on the products you’re thinking about buying before you commit to them. Remember, if you’re in doubt, let You-Reviews help you out.